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Weekly Round Up

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with a few of Erin's favorite posts from this week on the web...

Three year olds can be mighty taxing.

But for every tantrum or marathon “why” session, they dole out little moments of hilarity, like this:

Me: Let’s name the colors.

Kiddo: I think purple should be called Sandra.

I got a good belly laugh from that one. So she’s been calling everything “Sandra” since, and looking at me with eager eyes to see if it gets the same response. Silly girl.

It was a colorful week at our house.

It was a colorful week at our house.

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I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite posts from this week on the web...

I love this photo project called “Let’s Observe”. Great for capturing the little moments that really make up your life with kiddos.

I loooooove Instagram. Now you can get tiny books or prints of your Instagram photos. These would make AWESOME stocking stuffers. (Via Today’s Letters)

Rachael is advocating taking email off your phone. I still can’t believe this.

That’s not drastic enough for you? How about a media time out?

I love me some September, but Marta’s post reads like a love letter to the month that ushers in autumn.

20 under $20 for Fall to to give your style a little kick in the pants.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I see grilled corn on the cob in my future. How about you?



The YAY Friday Round Up

I am looking forward to spending a little time this weekend with my feet up and a milkshake in my hand. Until the moment arrives, enjoy some of the great stuff that landed online this week:


Weekly Round Up

Here’s hoping your weekend is intensity-free and fun-filled. When you need to sneak in to cool off, put your feet up and enjoy a few wonderful posts from around the web...

Day 3. Fun with stickers!

Weekly Round Up

A few of my favorites from around the web this week.

Erica and I (and the baby!) basking in the pink glow of the evo’11 stage.

Weekly Round Up

It is pretty nonsensical to round up a week on a Monday. Which, I know. But last week? Last week was consumed by all things evo’11...

See those peaches? I did that!

Weekly Round Up

It was a short week, so I have a short list of wonderful from the web...


The Yay Friday Round Up: DANG It’s Cold Edition

Keeping close to home makes the kiddo super creative. An Easter bucket on your head? Instant helmet and alter-ego, “Motorcycle Girl”. Here's a few things I found online this week when we weren't playing pretend.

Photo via Meet the Dubiens

Weekly Round Up

Here's a few posts that caught Erin's eye this week. Note: Do not mess with The Bloggess.

EO recap pict

2010 Blogger Recap: Erin Oltmanns

2010 was one FULL year. Here's Erin's recap of favorites from the last year.