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Weekly Perspectives Round Up: Mother's Day Edition

My wish for you: A Mother’s Day full of so many warm fuzzies that you have to turn on the A/C. Oh, and the chance to sleep in would be FANTASTIC.

Happy Early Mother’s Day!

My wish for you: A Mother’s Day full of so many warm fuzzies that you have to turn on the A/C. Oh, and the chance to sleep in would be FANTASTIC.

Enjoy the helpful, entertaining, delicious and always thoughtful posts from this week, including this idea from Beth Vrabel on how to get everyone involved in planning your summer vacation.


Buttermilk Cake from Leigh Anne Wilkes


Mother’s Day Slow Cooker Meal by Karen Petersen

A bundle of coupons for your next trip to the grocery store from Erin Collard.

Slim Down Your Sandwiches from Emily Hill

With Kids...

Discount Store Scavenger Hunt from Raejean Roberts

(I would have loved to do this as a teenager!)

Children’s Book Picks and Tips from Vanessa Brown

(This woman is my book GURU.)

Writing Camp: An Ideal Place for Young Writers to Shine by Carrie Finlinson



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Mikarose by Allison Czarnecki

What to Wear When Your Day Feels Like Endurance Training by Hillary

(Amen! Excuse me while I go toss out all of my big t-shirts.)


The Mother Artists by Emily King


How to hold your SLR camera by Erika Snow


Add Textures to Your Photos from Marcel Walker



Running vs. Walking by Sarah Dunham

Multitask During Those Midnight Wakings by Emily Hill


Is that free credit report really FREE? by Megan

Great News from Lisa Anderson - We have a job!

Life Lessons...

Helpful observations from Kathryn Jones on dealing with post-divorce visitations.



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