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Wardrobe Update — Start With Easy Pieces

Erin's rebuilding her wardrobe, starting with easy everyday pieces and fun accessories.

Last month I shared my plan for a wardrobe update on a budget. Since I had a vacation planned with my husband for late April and I had some money squirreled away, it seemed like a good time to start making a few purchases.

Since I work from home, my first priority was to spruce up my everyday wear. This meant I was in the market for a lightweight jacket, jeans, shorts, shoes, t-shirts, and accessories.

Lightweight Jacket = Half Dome Hoody, Title Nine 

Half Dome Hoody_Title Nie

This is the best $75 I’ve ever spent. I wrung my hands about the price and finally ordered it, telling myself that if I didn’t LOVE it, that I would return it. It’s my favorite and I wear it everywhere. With that fancy design, I feel more put together than when I toss on my favorite grey sweatshirt. The quality is great and it washes really well.

Shorts = Levi’s 515 Denim Bermuda Shorts in Collective Blue, Kohl’s 

Levi Shorts

My goodness, that photo is awful. But the shorts are really great—just enough stretch to make them comfortable, but not so much that they are saggy by the end of the day. Or *ahem* the second day.

Jeans = The Sweetheart Boot-Cut Jeans, Old Navy

Old Navy Jeans

Oh, I know. Jeans are supposed to be expensive and Boot-Cut is out and skinny jeans are all the rage. Whatever. I’ll consider a hunting down a pair of pricey skinny jeans when autumn rolls around and it’s time to break out my boots again. Right now, I need jeans for cool spring mornings, summer camping trips, and giving horsey rides to my 4-year-old. Old Navy works just great.

Shoes = Keen Sienna MJ Canvas in Hibiscus 

Keen Sienna 1

I wrote about these back in February and dreamt of them for MONTHS. I finally settled on the red/pink color and I love them so much I’m trying to rationalize buying another pair in teal. Super comfy and incredibly cute. I get compliments on them whenever I wear them.

T-Shirts = Half-Sleeve V-Neck from Downeast Basics

downeast v neck
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Another lackluster image to represent a pretty fabulous item. You can read my fan-girl review here. (Maybe I should just put these clothes on an take pictures of myself. No. Then you’d have to get past my awkward-I’m-having-my-photo-taken face.)

Accessories = Big Earrings

Since going to Las Vegas for my first trip without kids was the catalyst for these purchases, I wanted to perk up my “uniform” (t-shirt + shorts). Lucky for me, my girl Carina left me a great tip in the comments in my last wardrobe post.

Earring comment Carina

Now, I’ve always been a little accessory phobic. Oh, don’t get my wrong, I LOVE jewelry, but all of my stuff is pretty understated. I love handmade and unique, but I was missing a little razzle dazzle in my jewelry box. Carina’s comment was just the push I needed.

I bought not one...not two...but THREE pairs of chandelier earrings at New York & Company! It was exhilarating. I can’t wait to wear a pair to the next Today’s Mama staff meeting. Carina will be so proud.

When I got them home and tried them on, I was thrilled. Turns out, big earrings do a marvelous job of balancing out my face. Before I felt like I was all nose and eyeglasses. When I wear big earrings I feel like there are more points of interest on and around my face...or something. Just go with me on this.

Accessories = Crumpler Headaitch (M) 

mom tote bag

I’m seeing a pattern—I see, I dream, I purchase. I wrote about this bag in January and finally coughed up the dough. It’s The Perfect Bag. The clincher for me was that, even packed full, it was still really comfortable to carry and the straps don’t slide off your shoulder. If I could afford to do it, I’d buy one for every woman I know. (Additional bonus: this DSLR pouch fits in it like a glove.)

There you have it. The beginning of the wardrobe rebuild. High fashion it isn’t, but you have to start somewhere. I’m going to need some time to wrap my brain around skinny jeans.

What’s your secret fashion weapon? Carina turned me onto big earrings...what else am I missing out on?

*Disclaimer: I bought all of these with my own, hard-earned cash. (Except the Mom bought those. Thanks, Mom!) I'm sharing these because I love them and think you might too.

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