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Have you ever looked around at your life and thought, "Where did my adventurous heart go?"

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought, "Where did my adventurous heart go?"

Well, no more. I'm already looking forward to positive changes in 2011, starting with my application for the Ultimate Mountain Gig at The Canyons in Park City, Utah. Step 1 is to get the most votes for my application video, available on their website.


Please. Go now and VOTE FOR ME. Be sure to SHARE the video via Facebook and Twitter, too! The whole point of voting is to see whose video has the most viral success. You can vote EVERY DAY!

Scroll through the pages & look for my video title: "Live It. Share It." with this image:

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The video tells more and shamelessly flaunts my cute kid. Thank you for supporting this Mama's adventurous heart!


Hiking @ 7 months pregnant in Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.


Skiing @ Solitude in Utah. Skiing apparel tends to be ambiguous. I'm the one in the green. And now that I think about it, I'm also the only one without facial hair.


Epic School Kids Pass Utah

It's Time To Get Your Epic SchoolKids Pass! {For FREE}

The Epic SchoolKids Utah Pack is a FREE program for Utah K - 5th graders that provides 5 days of skiing and riding at Park City. No purchase necessary! Includes 1 free first-timer ski or ride lesson with equipment rental.


The Art of A Collection

Martha Stewart and even The Nester have broadened my horizons to more modern-looking collections, but in my own home I'm sadly lacking. What collections are you hoarding or displaying?


Win a Trip to Park City Mountain Resort

One of the Grand Prize trips in our Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway is a Family Ski Weekend at Park City Mountain Resort!

baby voting

Reminding You to Get Out There and Vote on Tuesday!

It's no good living in a representative democracy if you don't even bother to vote. You're voting this year. No excuses.

Mario Lopez

Celebrity Sightings at Sundance Film Festival

I got the pleasure of joining some fantastic bloggers in Park City to check out the Swagg Suite - the place where all the A-listers go to get their goodies at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City.

plane interior

Toddler's Fit Gets Family Get Kicked Off JetBlue Flight

We've all been there. You know, "there", that place where your toddler loses their mind and you have no where to run. The worst of all of the "theres" your child can decide to lose their mind is on an airplane.


You Matter

You matter, and it's time to live life like you know it.