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Vodafone #Firsts Viral Video: Nanas Fly For First Time

Vodafone's #Firsts video goes viral with two Dutch nanas who fly in an airplane for the first time. A-dor-a-ble!

Vodafone is the world's 2nd largest mobile phone company, and their newest marketing campaign celebrates #Firsts among their many international customers. The following video of two elderly Dutch nanas who fly in an airplane for the first time ever is completely adorable.

An and Ria Fly

I love how the two septuagenarian women, An and Ria, are willing to take a risk, try something new, be silly, be vulnerable, make a new friend, laugh, and share the experience with millions of viewers. I love how Vodafone is celebrating stories of #Firsts, though it's still a marketing campaign--and a darned good one.

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What #Firsts would you like to try?

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