Vintage Printable Address Labels

Vintage Printable Address Labels
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We’ve found some very cute, vintage printable address labels that belong smack on top of whatever handwritten note or letter you’ve got to send. I’ve got a list of people to send hand written notes or thank you’s too, especially now that all of the holiday madness has wound down. I’ve been on an organizing kick at my house and somehow that has jarred my memory and made me think of some of the people I either want to thank or just send a note of hello to. Get your kids involved and get old school – put something in your mailbox for the postman to take away!

Write on! (could I resist?)



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Kitchen Printables

It’s that time of year when things start to feel a little grey and drabby – and that can make you crabby.

Side by Side: Labels

One of the first social rules I learned in kindergarten was how hurtful it was to call people names. The second rule was that people will eventually tease you.