Two Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos as Gift to Mother

We don't know whether to laugh or say "awwww, sweet!"
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We don't know whether to laugh or say "awwww, sweet!" The bathtub? #awkward.

Here's an entertaining peek at what these brothers did:

1 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-1
2 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-2
3 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-3
4 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-10
5 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-4
6 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-7
7 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-5
8 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-6
9 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-9
10 recreated-childhood-photos-joe-luxton-8



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