Turtle Tome for Tots

Baby Turtle may not be a mutant or a ninja, but he is the star of an action-packed new children’s book by a pair of East Bay authors.

By Peter Crooks

Baby Turtle may not be a mutant or a ninja, but he is the star of an action-packed new children’s book by a pair of East Bay authors. Utilizing a new illustration technology called Animotion, Baby Turtle’s Tale lets young readers follow the adventures of a newly hatched turtle, in hologramlike motion across beautiful pages. The story, presented in rhyming text, is fun and active for young children—and presents a gentle environmental message about the need to preserve endangered species.

Baby Turtle’s Tale, written by Walnut Creek resident Lisa McGuinness and Oakland resident Leslie Jonath—under the pen name Elle J. McGuinness—is the pair’s second “animoted” book. Their first, Bee and Me, focused on the importance of honeybees and became a New York Times best-seller after its October release.

Published: Diablo, May 2009

Author bio: Peter Crooks is the senior editor and writer at Diablo magazine.


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