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Turkey Pumpkin Inspired by Pottery Barn

This is a metal pumpkin decorator kit from Pottery Barn.
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Super cute, but it’s $25! I made my own turkey pumpkin decoration with some cereal boxes and skewers for almost nothing.

Photo from Pottery Barn Kids



Cardboard (can be from cereal boxes, frozen pizza boxes, etc)


Hot Glue or Tacky Glue



First cut out your pieces. I just did simple feather-y shapes, a bowling pin shaped body, and little wings. If you want to make them double sided you will need to cut 2 of each piece, and make sure you cut them back to back.

Cut out something like this

Next, you will want to cut your skewers a bit shorter. I used my rose bush clippers.

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You now will want to glue your skewers to your turkey pieces. For those who are doing double sided ones, you can glue the stick to one side and then glue the sides together. Clothespins can help hold the pieces together while the glue dries.

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Lastly, you will paint the turkey face on. It’s easy, just dots for eyes, a triangle mouth and a squiggly for the waddle.

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I liked the browns from the cardboard, they looked rustic. In my picture the light made them look whiter than I wanted. I haven’t made colored ones yet, but to do it all you would need to do is paint your cardboard.

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I took the easy way out and photoshopped this one to add the colors. Happy Fall, Y’all!

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