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Trust and a Motherhood

So often throughout pregnancy and new baby-hood, mothers are bombarded with ways in which to “be.” I value learning however I feel as a society we have forgotten one valuable ASSET we have as mothers, our GUT.
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So often throughout pregnancy and new baby-hood, mothers are bombarded with ways in which to “be.” I value learning however I feel as a society we have forgotten one valuable ASSET we have as mothers, our GUT.

Having a new baby and entering into motherhood is full of emotions, newness, humbleness and confusion. It brings to the surface ideas we may have been carrying with us that need to be playfully examined. For instance, “Am I doing this right? Why can’t I do it like she does? Will I be a good mom? Can I work and be a mom? Will I ever get my body back? Will I ever sleep?” These surface not to be judged, but to be FELT and then released. It is a natural to FEEL a variety of things. It is natural to question, however sometimes the most important thing within these questions is to TRUST and LOVE us.

Sometimes it is simple. Instead of running to the phone to call and ask someone, be still and breathe. Ask yourself first. Innately, we know what is “best” for our child. It may not be in a book or have been shared by an “expert” however our children are asking us to trust ourselves. It is something that they are in need of learning themselves. We cannot tell them to “love who they are” we can only LOVE ourselves. Be the role model, not the lecturer. Demonstrate not tell. As a new mother, the one gift you have is yourself. Your body knew how to create life, and your soul and heart know how to raise and guide this beautiful being. Seek advice, yet do not feel as if others KNOW your child more then you. Even more importantly, honor that your child has his/her own gut and is expressing himself/herself to you in each moment. Honor it. Hear it, and encourage them to listen to their own bodies. Cry when they are hungry, not when it is scheduled. Crawl when they are ready to crawl, not when they “should” be. Our children will always show us, through example who they are, and how to listen to our bodies and own intuition. Celebrate this, and see this as a gift that is being offered to you, to always embrace your own intuition and wisdom.

Your body has the wisdom and so does your heart. Raise your child with the awareness that the answers you seek sometimes are not outside of you- in fact, take a moment to hold your child, listen to their signs and you will witness what LIFE is about.

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Trust life, and play with the magnificence of your own inner wisdom. Enjoy each and every moment that gives you another opportunity to trust yourself and BE that role model, not only to your child, but also to the world. Motherhood does not come with a manual, so it is joyfully up to you to write it. Write it with glee. Fall down, and get back up again without beating yourself up. Be graceful and honor that you and your child are always going to be teachers for one another on how to play your OWN way.


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