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Trick To Keep Your Boots Upright And Your Closets Tidy

Since the new year I’ve been on a mission to get my home more organized and tidy.
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There are so many spaces in the home that can use my attention.  Each drawer and closet, the pantry, the storage room, the kids play room, kitchen drawers and cupboards, mud room, laundry room…the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?   I am determined that if I can just get one area done per week then maybe by the end of the year my home will be a little more organized.

This week,  I tackled the master closet  and came up with this trick to keep my boots upright.  I like how it makes the closet look cleaner and it helps keep the original shape of the boots as well.  I simply use a water noodle (you can find these at the dollar store) and cut it to the length of my boots.  Then when storing my boots I insert the noodle into the boot to keep it upright.  This is especially helpful for slouchy boots that don’t have a lot of stiffness to them.  Hopefully I won’t be needing my boots for much longer, but here in Utah I’m not holding my breath!  BTW, am I the only one that has far LESS clothes than their husband?  He has so many clothes and of course has a hard time getting rid of any of them.

 P.S. Check out this instagram post on my really awesome thrift store find.  I’m so happy all my cords/headphones have their own little compartment!

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P.P.S. Check out the day I cleaned my mudroom…it seriously took all day!  Before and After.


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