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Traveling? Better check your begiblees.

What are "begiblees" you ask? (pronounced buh-ji-bleez) Well, that's your business, not mine. But the first time I heard the word used was when a friend (whom you can follow here on Twitter: @jonnysinc) recently re-counted his personal TSA experience assuming the position for the full body scanner . . . and then reading the fine print that his "begiblees" were exposed to said TSA Security personnel. I also feel compelled to interject that this conversation was had in October, before all of this TSA hysteria began. #fingeronthepulse



What exactly can the scanners see? Check out this summary. I didn't even know prosthetic begiblees existed.

Wondering what else the TSA agents can do in a "pat down"? SNL answered the question:

I think the slogan at the end of the video was all we needed to end this post. :D

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