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Training at Space Camp

Did you ever want to go to Space Camp as a kid? Now that you have your own kids, find out if astronaut training is still the coolest vacation ever.
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space camp mission control II

We had the chance to take our kids to Space Camp in my first post, but this is what we learned, and you need to know about Space Camp. First, camps are not only running through the summer, but are offered year round--perfect for an extended weekend, spring break, or summer camp. Second, it REALLY is like camping and for that matter like living in space. You are training at Space Camp! From the food, to the shared restrooms, to sleeping in a simulated space station bunk style, function is the focus, not luxury. However, the lack of Ritz Carlton amenities is easily forgotten once you start your astronaut training.

In Astronaut Training

We were immediately in the presence of actual rockets, space shuttles, and lunar modules, not to mention NASA scientists and engineers. We experienced a simulated Mission Control center including a shuttle launch run by our team, space stations, weightless environments and various levels of G-Force.

space camp mission control

All of these opportunities provided my family with the reassurance that if life as a Real Estate Developer gets too rough, my husband could make a successful career move into radio as he enjoyed (more than he should have) speaking in a deep, buttery voice over the headsets we wore while running our simulated shuttle launch mission.

space camp rockets

Who's the Real Astronaut?

It also made us consider if our 14-year-old should seriously consider a career as a fighter jet pilot, or even an astronaut, since she is blessed with a miraculous inner ear and never gets dizzy. Never. After learning about life in space it was no surprise to my family, or anyone that knows me, that I would be a terrible astronaut. Having to use a special tool to use the restroom sealed my fate!

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Debris in Orbit

space junk

Finally, we each added something new to our list of environmental worries…Space Junk. That’s right, not only are we overwhelming our planet earth with
and waste, tens of thousands of pieces of man-made junk now orbit the earth.

The Hubble

hubble paandoras cluster

Throughout our two-day program we learned an incredible amount about the history of space exploration and the space program. By the end we came to appreciate the ingenuity, intelligence and dedication of our space pioneers and protectors. It is hard to express how much we enjoyed the program and ultimately our inspiration and appreciation for what the Space Program has made possible. But on the last day all of our wonder and amazement was beautifully captured in the IMAX film Hubble. What we once only believed and dreamed about space has been confirmed through the stunning images taken by the Hubble Telescope. Hubble is why you and your children should attend Space Camp, because you’ll never know what is possible until you do.

Hubble Space Nebula -2010-13
hubble galaxy cluster

“The rocket will free man from his remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet. It will open to him the gates of heaven.”

--Werher von Braun


space camp

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