Top Five Celeb Crushes

It’s stressful being a parent, with all the running around, sacrificing and good deeds that we do on a daily basis.
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It takes a tremendous amount of patience, immeasurable dedication and boundless energy–and that’s just getting through breakfast!  So for every mom who feels overwhelmed by the duties of parenthood, take a time out and ponder your “Fab Five”.  Trust me, you’ll feel better and you owe it to yourself.

As I have revealed in many of my previous blogs, my daughter Shannon has a mad crush on Justin Bieber.  Even though her chances of meeting him are slim to none, she is hopeful nonetheless.  He brings a bit of joy to her life, even if it is just admiring his looks and talent.  I thought to myself–Shannon might be on to something, so I pondered my celeb crushes and decided to take some time out to myself to appreciate them.  Here are my top eclectic top five:

5.Parker Stevenson.  Sigh.  I first fell in love with Parker Stevenson when I was in elementary school and he was starring on “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.”  He played level-headed older brother Frank to Shaun Cassidy’s character, Joe.  While all the girls were in love with Shaun Cassidy, I fell hard for Parker’s piercing blue eyes and cool demeanor.  Several years later when he was cast as a lifeguard in “Baywatch”, I silently thanked the casting gods above.

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4.Zac Efron.  Ok, ok, he’s half my age*, but just look at him*!  He was cute all 3000 times I had to watch “High School Musical”, but he grew up to be a really handsome man.  I recognize that he and I would have zero in common, but he did love an older woman in “The Lucky One” (and I am pretty sure the title was referring to her.)  He has such an affable personality onscreen that I would love to think he is just as charming in person.  Plus, he has a cute little tattoo on his hand that reads YOLO, for ‘you only live once’.  Pure eye candy, this one…

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3.Sting.  Back in the ’80’s, I was mad for Sting because he was hot.  As we have both matured, I appreciate him for his many other attributes.  His songwriting is unsurpassed and he can play any genre of music. Before he fronted The Police, he was once a schoolteacher, which explains his lyrics referencing many of Shakespeare’s works.  He has also aged well, albeit his hair has thinned and his face is craggier,  he still makes my heart skip a beat.  And….he has an English accent.

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2.Steve Martin.  Considering my other choices, Steve Martin seems the odd man out, but that is why he is my number two guy!  Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I have had a crush on Mr. Martin since the wild-and-crazy-guy years.  A man that can make me laugh with such silliness, but be so smart and cultured, well, there is a trifecta right there. He is not only goofy and adorable, but he is brilliant, an accomplished banjo player, an amazing art collector, an author, playwright and my stand up comedy idol.  (In high school, I would get up at parties and recite his routines, word for word.)  While his comedy seems childish at times, ponder this:  in the last chapter of his book “Cruel Shoes”, he wrote, “The last thing on my mind is the last thing on my mind…”

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1.Who’s my number one crush?  Greg Kinnear.  Could it be that boyish charm?  That crooked smile?  That unending sarcasm?  All of the above.  I first laid eyes on Greg Kinnear when he was host of a show called “Talk Soup” where he would comment on clips on tv shows.  He was so likable and funny, that I almost missed how great he looks in a suit.  Almost.  Someone else in Hollywood must have seen the same thing I saw, because he started making movies and turned out to be really, really good.  He was nominated for an Oscar for “As Good As It Gets” and played opposite Jack Nicholson.  Not bad for a guy from Indiana!  He exudes charm.  When a man can pull off sarcasm with a sly, crooked grin and still be charming? It catapults him to the number one spot.

So there are my five.  Who are your celebrity crushes and why?


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