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Tooth Fairy Pillows


This afternoon my daughter fell off of a tall stool and broke her fall with her front teeth hitting a tile floor. To give you the abbreviated version, her little teeth went right up into her gums. One emergency trip to the dentist and we're not quite sure those teeth are going to make it. We'll know within the week, but in the meantime, I'm mentally preparing for a toothless three year old.

I think when your teeth get prematurely knocked out in an injury, the tooth fairy better stand up and pay attention. Check out this fabulous post from Whatever Dee Dee Wants. It's chalk full of do-it-yourself tooth fairy pillows and ideas. If the tooth fairy visits your house, what does he/she leave? Hit me with your best tooth fairy ideas! My future toothless child may be in the need of a little pick-me-up.


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Good-Bye to Santa?

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What's Your Tooth Fairy Like?



What's Your Tooth Fairy Like?

My oldest lost his first tooth a year ago: front and center. The tooth fairy left him a dollar under his pillow. I admit it, it seemed a little rich to me. A whole dollar? How many teeth is he going to lose again?