Tooth Fairy Letters


The tooth fairy will be making a scheduled visit to our house next week about three years ahead of when I thought she might be winging her way in. At least a scheduled tooth extraction gives the tooth fairy a lot of time to prepare!

I'm working on pumping this little magical dental nymph up to my three year old. At first she thought it was a funny idea and then she got slightly panicked.

I continue to look for ways to make the idea of the tooth fairy a little more sparkly, but if I'm really smart, I probably shouldn't bring her up again. However, for all of you mamas out there who have children who are NOT fearing the tooth fairy, may I direct your attention here. Tooth Fairy Letters allows you to download and print letters and coloring pages that are directed towards your specific tooth "situation" as well as tips for parents to prepare for the big "visit."

We need an "I think I can skydive" situation letter...wish us luck.

Photo: stock.xchng tooth fairy

Photo: stock.xchng tooth fairy


Tooth Fairy Pillows

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What's Your Tooth Fairy Like?



What's Your Tooth Fairy Like?

My oldest lost his first tooth a year ago: front and center. The tooth fairy left him a dollar under his pillow. I admit it, it seemed a little rich to me. A whole dollar? How many teeth is he going to lose again?

Letter From the Pig Farm

I was driving my grandfather’s old pickup to town the other day when we came upon a nanny goat standing in the middle of the road. I stopped and rolled down my window. Belle and Joe, sitting beside me, clambered over to my side to look out at the funny little goat and say hello.