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Tonight We Sleep 7-Day Challenge

While our home may be filled with love and happiness, it’s not really filled with what you might call a sleep-inducing environment.

Our third baby was welcomed into our home with two older siblings and two dogs who bark freely every time they think that a squirrel may be within two miles of our house. While our home may be filled with love and happiness, it's not really filled with what you might call a sleep-inducing environment.

When JOHNSON’S® sent me their line of BEDTIME® products and asked if I would test out their “Tonight We Sleep” challenge, I jumped on it. While he's a pretty good sleeper, I needed the challenge of getting him into a routine. We have serious third baby syndrome over here and his bedtime has been hinging on what his older brother and sister have been up to, and I wouldn't use the word consistent to describe any part of it. 

I kicked off the challenge by downloading the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® baby sleep app where I answered many questions about his current sleeping habits, hours, where he falls asleep, etc. which ultimately gave me a sleep analysis filled with recommendations. Even though he's not exactly my first baby rodeo, it's been four years since I've had a newborn, and I don't remember everything I read back then. It was a great refresher on tips on how to increase his sleep durations and even ways on how to manage my own sleep during the new baby phase.

So after I read up on all of the things that I've forgotten in the last four years, I moved on to the JOHNSON’S® 3-Step BEDTIME® Routine. With the news that JOHNSON’S® multi-sensorial 3-Step BEDTIME® Routine consistently improves baby’s sleep and is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, I was ready to get started. Let me just say that the JOHNSON’S® products that arrived at our home for the challenge smell so amazing that I may or may not have used them on myself and our older kids as well. There's no smell like the JOHNSON’S® smell.

Tonight We Sleep

The three step program includes a warm bath, followed by a massage and the final step is quiet time. I stuck with this throughout the week, and he was one sleepy and happy camper. By the end of the week when I took him to his changing table before his bath, I could tell that he was starting to anticipate it. He was all smiles in his bath while we sang songs and lathered him up. He truly loves his ABC's. This week confirmed that he loves baths, and really doesn't love getting out of the bath. Our massage time was on the shorter end while he fumed about his bath being over and ultimately ended with quiet time.

For us, quiet time was the most magical part of the challenge. In addition to a fabulous array of ambient sounds, the app that I downloaded features the Tonight We Sleep™ Lullaby. This relaxing tune features a blend of ambient sounds including television and radio static, a fan, forest animals, an air conditioner, the ocean, and heartbeat and womb sounds. Where else can you get that gang of sounds together? The little guy doesn't stand a chance. It gets him every time in less than four minutes, and he's out like a light for the night.

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Tonight We Sleep

With this challenge I saw an increase in the length of time he was sleeping at night, and thanks to the magic of the Tonight We Sleep™ Lullaby, he even slept longer during his naps. More sleep for him equals more sleep for me and that turns everyone into a happy camper. It was also a valuable reminder about the importance of establishing a routine for your baby early on and how it really benefits the whole family when everyone knows what to expect, including the baby.

On the sixth night of the challenge, we had a crazy afternoon and night getting his older siblings in bed, and I skipped the first two parts of the routine. Big mistake. It really made me realize how well the routine had been working when skipping it resulted in this...let's just say, we're back on the full routine.

Tonight We Sleep

Tonight We Sleep

I'm now completely reliant on the free app and have tossed our sleep sheep and other white sound machine to the side as I play him his new favorite song and watch him instantly snooze away. Something tells me I'll be using this app for months and months to come as we go through each new stage.

Get started on your own sleep routine! The weekend was a great time to start our challenge, and seven days later we're kicking off the new week fully rested.

Please note that I was generously supplied with the products mentioned and shown in this post by JOHNSON’S®, yet my opinions are all my own.


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