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Toddler's Fit Gets Family Get Kicked Off JetBlue Flight

We've all been there. You know, "there", that place where your toddler loses their mind and you have no where to run. The worst of all of the "theres" your child can decide to lose their mind is on an airplane.

We've all been there. You know, "there", that place where your toddler loses their mind and you have no where to run.

The worst of all of the "theres" your child can decide to lose their mind is on an airplane. Whether it's an infant screaming all the way up to 40,000 feet, or a toddler who refuses to get in their buckles. As a parent, you are sweating bullets, apologizing up and down the aisles, and wishing that you had a some sort of sedation magic.

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As a parent, I find myself much more understanding of others traveling with children. I'm happy as long as it's not my kid losing their mind. Somehow I find it easy now to tune other people's children out, with a sigh of relief that I'm not the one who has to manage the madness.

The crew of Flight 850 however, was ready to put little Natalie in time out when she threw her fit.

2-year-old Natalie would not sit down for take off, however her parents did finally get her seatbelt fastened and held her in her seat. The Vieau's were flying back to Rhode Island from Turks and Caicos with their 2-year-old and 3-year-old. According to her mom:

"We were holding them down with all of our might, seat belt on. And I said, 'We have them seated. Can we go now?' She said the pilots made a decision to turn the plane around," Natalie Vieau. "We did what we were asked to do. We weren't belligerent, drunk, angry or screaming. We were just having a hard time struggling with our children."

Jet Blue's Statement:

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"Flight 850 ... had customers that did not comply with crewmember instructions for a prolonged time period. The Captain elected to remove the customers involved for the safety of all customers and crewmembers on board,"

The family ended up being stranded without other flight options, and incurred another $2,000 in expenses to get home.

I've got to think the screaming was pretty bad for a pilot to decide to ground a plane. However, these are toddlers, not terrorists. What do you think? Should the toddler get the boot? When should a kid get kicked off a JetBlue flight?

Bonus Question:

What's your worst toddler travel moment?

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