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Toddler Leash

This kid is plotting out the most direct way to run right into a four lane intersection. He's definitely not planning on looking out for cars.

See this kid?


He looks like he's just kicking it with his juice box. He's not. He's hydrating while planning his escape. In a blink of an eye, he's going to chuck that juice box and bob, weave and roll out of that room into a crowd of people or just straight into traffic. He might toss a glance behind him just to track what type of job he's done leaving you in the dust. Did I mention he'll laugh like a maniac while he's doing it?

He is a RUNNER. Or shall I say BOLTER. He's fast, he couldn't care less about stranger danger, or cars, and he definitely doesn't want you to find him.

In other words, I love him, but he's sort of a nightmare in a crowd.

To all the people who I've seen with a toddler leash or "harness" on their kid who I've possibly raised an eyebrow at, I apologize. He bolted so many times towards a parking lot at an outdoor birthday party the other day I was ready for a leash and a pole to hook it on.

I'm not talking about leashing him up in the backyard or letting my 4.5 year old walk him around the neighborhood, although I'm sure she would LOVE doing it. We're going to Disneyland, and I'm worried. One glance at a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich cart and he could be 30 people deep in the Matterhorn line. And he's not an only child. I don't want to accidentally lose one kid who's trying to keep up while chasing the one who's trying to get lost.

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He's 35 pounds. He hates his stroller. He wants to walk by himself. He DEFINITELY hates holding hands. It's a safety issue.

I haven't ordered one yet. And I know I might get some stares. But I sort of feel like those stares are coming from people who have never experienced an impulsive and shockingly nimble toddler trying to break free in a crowd. You know when you open your wallet and see the empty slot where your credit card should be? That pit of your stomach feeling is about 8000 times worse if your child manages to break free in a crowd.

To leash or not to leash? Let's hear it.

Keep them safe!

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