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Used to be that I had plenty of either money or, one way or another, things got done. Given our current economy, I'm pretty sure I'm all out of both. In the same boat? "That Went Well" has killer coupons worth clipping, free-bees, giveaways (like $50.00 gift card to Old Navy) enjoying the frugal lifestyle and thoughts on life, parenting, and love. I'm not perfect, and my coupons are not alphabetized in a tidy binder...but I believe we all deserve the richness of life in even the most frugal of times!


EO_summer bucket list

Erin’s Summer Bucket List

Erin's Summer Bucket List…everything from what we’re going to do, movies we’re going to see, food we’re going to eat, and crafts we’re going to enjoy.


Erin’s 2011 Recap

I feel like I just lived the last year on fast-forward. It was a darn good year are some highlights.

Taking Time Out For Me

What’s a mother to do when you’re kids are screaming and crying, your husband is at work, you’re trying to cook breakfast, and you have yet to change out of your pj’s and comb your hair? Run away and wait for the storm to pass?

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

The life and times of my career, family and extracurricular activities. Living the suburban life working full time, keeping up with two little girls/husband/dog and trying to squeeze some 'me' time in between!