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TodaysMama Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Edition #3

Welcome to crunch time. With Christmas right around the corner, now is the time when you may find yourself wracking your brain for that perfect gift for the kids in your life. Once again, we’ve pulled together some wonderful and whimsical gifts for kids in our final gift guide of the 2007 season. Happy Holidays from!
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Juvie: Black Wee Ninja

What would a kids gift guide be without a Wee Ninja? This little ninja is all stealth, ready to strike with cuteness at ANY MOMENT…and it’s SO much better than a Ninja Turtle. Visit Juvie’s Shop Online Page.

Little Moonjumper: Kids Scarves

Little Moonjumper has taken their whimsical and bold patterns to the next level with their kids scarves. These fleece scarves are perfect for keeping little necks warm without the extra bulk and bother. Supplies are limited so get them while they last! $30.00 each. Visit Little Moonjumper’s Shop Online Page.

Madallie: Jellycat Bunglie Bunny

With all the high tech toys out there competing for your little one’s attention, we think there is something so preciously traditional about giving a wonderful stuffed animal. We fell in love with this Jellycat Bunglie Bunny from Madallie instantly – although it was tough to pick a favorite since Madallie also carries other furry friends from Jellycat. $22.95 each. Visit Madallie’s Shop Online Page.

Skimbaco: Tea Collection Journey Jumper

Got a little girl that doesn’t dig pink? The Tea Collection Journey Jumper from Skimbaco is just the ticket. Great for layering, this wrap dress can be worn with tights, pants, t-shirts and blouses – and what parent won’t appreciate a versatile piece like that? $22.00. Visit Skimbaco’s Shop Online Page.

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Kangaroodle: Giggle Elle Activity Toy

New babies can be hard to buy for but even the youngest of babes will enjoy the Giggle Elle Activity Toy from Kangaroodle. The bright colors, chime rattle belly and teether rings make this little elephant the perfect go anywhere companion – plus, it has a handy hook so it can dangle within reach wherever baby is. Visit Kangaroodle’s Shop Online Page.

Girl Charlee: Lourdes Jacket

There comes a time in every little girl’s life when it is time for an adorable and stylish jacket – lucky for you the Lourdes Jacket available at Girl Charlee comes in a wide range of sizes 12 months – 6 years, just in case you’ve got a late bloomer on your hands. $59.00. Visit Girl Charlee’s Shop Online Page.

Little Green Star: “Turn Down The Heat” Tee

Want to teach the kiddos to go green right off the bat? Start by giving this onsie from Little Green Star – the cute penguin begs, “Turn Down The Heat! Keep The Ice Caps Under My Feet!”. Printed on organic cotton (of course) in a nice wide size range – 12 month to 6 years. $24.00 each. Visit Little Green Star’s Shop Online Page.

Go Mama Go: Snug & Tug Blanket

This is one of those great double duty gifts – a Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket for baby, a better nights sleep for mom. These handy little blankets come with a full body pouch so baby can’t kick out of the swaddle PLUS velcro closures…no more tucking and re-tucking. Visit Go Mama Go’s Shop Online Page.

Baby Dagny: Organic Robe with Trim

How luxurious! This Organic Robe from Baby Dagny is such a step up from a plain old hooded towel and it’s made out of “timboo” a fabric that is oh-so-soft for baby’s skin. Available in seven colors for babies 0-12 months. $24.00 each. Visit Baby Dagny’s Shop Online Page.


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