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TodaysMama Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

You can look at this week’s gift guide one of two ways – as a great collection of gift ideas that the wonderful women in your life will enjoy OR you can pass the link along as your very own “wish list”! Face it, when was the last time you bought a gift for the ladies in your life and didn’t think to yourself, “Dang! I’d like to have one of those too!”
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brought to you by:; Hand Stamped Necklace by Libby Dibby

We love giving personalized jewelry – it makes the perfect one of a kind gift that the recipient will always treasure. This Hand Stamped Necklace by Libby Dibby can be stamped with up to 9 characters – perfect for keeping a child’s name close to your heart or giving your best friend hard evidence of her embarrassing nickname earned during that trip to Vegas. $29.00. Visit the Mom4Life Shop Online Page.

HIP: Donna Belt

Got a jeans and t-shirt girl on your list? Help her add some color and style to her wardrobe without rocking her world. These colorful and reversible belts from HIP are the perfect way to perk up a closet, plus, nothing says, “I’ve got my act together” more than a fabulous accessory. $64.00. Visit HIP’s Shop Online Page.

Couture Invito: Custom Photo Notepads

These Custom Photo Notepads from Couture Invito are perfect for the “has everything” girl on your list – from girlfriends to Grandmas, anyone will be happy to get a 100-page notepad with their favorite photo on each page. You can even add a little message to the notepads to take the customization a bit further. $15.00, 2 Pads for $27.00. Couture Invito has even sweetened the deal – use coupon code TMHG15 and get $15 off your purchase of $100 or more. Visit Couture Invito’s Shop Online Page.

Skimbaco: Onyx Ring

Every woman needs a “statement ring” – something fun and eye-catching that when worn makes them feel instantly hip and fashionably daring. All the better if it is in colors that compliment any outfit and really, how can you go wrong with marble onyx – in our book black and turquoise goes with everything! This Onyx Wrap Ring by DeAnna Cochran is available from, $75.00.Visit Skimbaco’s Shop Online Page.

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Baby Dagny: “Damn You’re a Good Mother” Tee

As far as we’re concerned, every Mother should have this shirt. The “Damn You’re a Good Mother” T-shirt available from Baby Dagny is printed in reverse so each time the mom in your life cruises past a mirror she’ll be reminded of what a damn good job she is doing. Arguably, the best gift under the tree. $16.00. Visit Baby Dagny’s Shop Online Page.

Funky Frum: Nighthawk Sweater

Ever notice that every January you see an awful lot of people wearing the same “must-have” holiday sweater from those popular mall stores? Give the women in your life a sweater that will illicit howls of “where did you find that?” The Nighthawk Sweater from Funky Frum features stripes and argyle – two elements that are always in style, plus it has that super neat faux layered thing going on to ensure that the wearer looks polished, not bulky. $66.00. Visit Funky Frum’s Shop Online Page.

Beautiful Options: Diani Moonwalk Necklace

We love gifts that do double duty as do-good purchases. This necklace from Beautiful Options was hand crafted by African artists – Beautiful Options purchases artwork directly from artists or through fair-trade distributors in some of the most economically disadvantages regions of Africa. $45.00. Visit Beautiful Options Shop Online Page.

Madie Deluxe: Le Havre Embroidered Ring Wristlet

Too often, women have to drag around an arsenal of supplies to get through the regular day-to-day activities, but every so often, when she has the chance to enjoy an evening out and needs only the necessities, give her the chance to accessorize simply and stylishly with the Le Havre Embroidered Ring Wristlet from Madie Deluxe. $32.00. Visit Madie Deluxe’s Shop Online Page.

Modern Mommy: Teething Pendant

For a new mom, accessorizing can be a daunting task. Bling and baubles that once seemed harmless and sturdy now appear downright dangerous and fragile in the clutches of an infant. Now she can accessorize fearlessly with the Coral Teething Pendant from Modern Mommy – this necklace also comes in black and pearl and is MADE for baby to safely play with and chew on. $19.00 each. Visit Modern Mommy’s Shop Online Page.


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