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TodaysMama Holiday Gift Guide: Friends & Family

Friends and Family…the people most likely to fit in the “has everything” or “I-have-no-earthly-idea-what-in-the-hell-to-give-you” categories. Despite the love and affection your may feel for these folks, the anxiety that shopping for them gives you can make the holidays, somewhat irksome. Well, rejoice! We’ve gathered some foolproof gifts sure to delight everyone on your list.
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Modern Union: Laptop Sleeve

For the laptop lover in your life – many computer bags can be so…blah. Yes, you need to protect your laptop, but you can do it in style with this Laptop Sleeve from Modern Union. Available in six sassy patterns – they can be used along with Modern Union Yoga Bags as an alternative to the boring laptop bags we’re used to seeing. $28.00 each. Visit Modern Union’s Shop Online Page.

Mom4Life: Hand Stamped Dog Tag Pendant

Would you like to surprise the Dad in your life with something besides tools or sports paraphernalia this holiday season? Give him a Dog Tag Pendant by little JULES from personalized with baby’s name and birth stats on the back. Whether your baby is 10 months or 10 years old, he’ll appreciate having a token like this close to his heart. $69.00. Visit Mom4Life’s Shop Online Page.

Juvie: Built by NY Lunch Bag

Packing your own lunch each day is more healthy and economical than fighting your way through the mall food court. Give the lunch-packers on your list a functional and stylish way to pack their goodies each day with the Built NY Gourmet Getaway Lunchbag available from Available in red and lime green, $25.00 each. Visit Juvie’s Shop Online Page.

Penny & Maude: Bird Tote

Want to do your part for the environment? Help your friends and family reduce their plastic bag usage by giving them a sturdy (and stylish) tote from Penny & Maude to haul their grocery goodness home. Plus, the birds on the front will remind you why we’re trying to protect the environment in the first place! $24.00 each. Visit Penny & Maude’s Shop Online Page.

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Couture Invito: Silver-Plated Photo Paperweight

We dare you to find one person on your list that wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this Silver-Plated Photo Paperweight from Couture Invito. The design is perfect for a male or female recipient, of any age because, let’s face it…everyone has piles of paper to manage, office or not. $46.00, add $15 for optional engraving. Visit Couture Invito’s Shop Online Page.

vedaPURE: vedaDUDE Skincare

Even the most rough and tumble man enjoys being pampered. But if the man in your life doesn’t yet realize that bar soap, does not in fact, “do it all” it is never to late to teach him the value of good skin care. We love the vedaDUDE skin care line because not only is it luxurious, but it’s also all natural – the gift set includes face cleanser, shave gel, after shave and face moisturizer for $75.00. Visit vedaPURE’s Shop Online Page.

Little Bits: Zid Zid Kids Vinyl Poofs

Who made up this rule that as soon as you have kids, you must relinquish your stylish home furnishings in favor of cartoon emblazoned mini furniture with questionable color schemes? This Zid Zid Kids Vinyl Poof from Little Bits is the perfect gift for a family with youngsters. The kids will love the seating made just for them and the parents will appreciate that you recognized that they still have the right to some style in their living room. $78.00. Visit Little Bits Shop Online Page.

Rachelle Knight: Read, Remember, Recommend

Got a reader on your list? The Read, Remember, Recommend reading journal was created with them in mind. The journal has a spot to keep track of reading lists, favorite authors, 2000 reading suggestions and more. No more wandering through the bookstore aimlessly, now that’s a gift worth giving. $14.95. Visit Rachelle’s Shop Online Page.

Me Art: Cowboy Frankie

Want to spoil someone special on your list with a one-of-a-kind gift? Me Art will create original artwork from a photo of your choice – you pick the design, color scheme, everything. We love the Cowboy Frankie because it reminds us of the little boys in our lives, but you can create anything your imagination can dream up with Me Art. $249 for a 12x12 print. Visit Me Art’s Shop Online Page.


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