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TodaysMama :: From Paper to Web

Continuing our TodaysMama anniversary posts, Erica shares about ninjas, transitioning from paper to web and how Local Perspectives is rocking our Mama World.

Did you know that Rachael Herrscher is a Ninja? Well, she is. For instance, she interviewed me for my job without me knowing it.


Really, she's very sneaky.

I was new to Salt Lake City and we met through a mutual friend (Lindsey, holla!) about 4 months after I had my first son. I wasn't ready to work again, but 4 months later we talked again and I came on board to manage our Mama Handbooks.


Aw, it seems so long ago when we read things on paper.

Even though our site is 5 years old, it's only in the last 15 months that we brought all of our LOCAL content to the site. Now, through Local Perspectives, someone in Dallas can have immediate access to DFW's art festivals, and mamas in far-flung states can relate with one another about parenting autistic children.

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Working at TodaysMama means rolling with the flow. I began as a project manager and am currently a blog editor. And you know what? I love it. Writing and editing is much more my speed, and the greatest part is that I can keep my foot in the working world while staying home with my kids. If one of us Mamas has a family emergency or a sick, sad kid, we all chip in to cover for her so the pressure of work is off. Oh and also? I got to keep my job when I moved 1,700 miles away.

Isn't the Internet awesome?

Sometimes emails aren't answered in 24 hours and sometimes I sit down to complete a 15 minute task but it takes 45 by the time my kids interrupt for a snack, a drink, a fight and a sudden NEED to play with play-dough. But I'm home with them; I work with 6 of the coolest chicks on the planet; and get to interact with 100 or so of the most thoughtful writers plus all the mamas who read us and leave comments.


By the way, we LOVE comments! They're like being given candy.

So it turns out that being covertly interviewed while eating rice and shopping at The Gateway isn't such a bad thing. Not at all.

Happy Anniversary, TodaysMama!


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