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Today's Mama Must-Have Baby Registry

Overwhelmed with all the baby gear you think you should buy? Don't be. This checklist of must-have baby registry items pares down the essentials.
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Having you walked into Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby lately? Pretty overwhelming, huh? So is Googling "baby registry" and getting more to-dos than you know what to do with!

Stress is the last thing a pregnant mom needs, so we've pared down the essentials you'll really need along with when you'll really need them, so you don't have a high chair taking up space in the living room months before baby is ready to use it. Here are theessentials you’ll need to get you through the first year, or what we like to call the Today's Mama Must-Have Baby Registry.

Today's Mama Must-Have Baby Registry


Clothes (size 0-3):
Newborns spend most of their life in bodysuits, also known as onesies, and cotton tops and pants, but to avoid doing laundry every day, it's good to know how much you'll need.

5-8 bodysuits, preferably with Velcro or other easy ties and snaps

5-8 short-sleeve shirts

3-5 long-sleeved shirts

5-8 pants, preferably the easy, pull-on kind

3 hats

2 festive outfits for parties, church visits, etc., preferably something soft to the touch and easy to pull on and off

5-7 pairs of socks

3-4 pairs of booties

5-8 pajamas or sleepers

1-2 pairs of mittens

Baby Gear:
This is where a good chunk of change can go if you're not careful. Shop around, ask mom friends for recommendations and check out reviews online before you settle on one brand. Remember that newborns sleep a lot, so you'll want flexible gear that will allow you to be on the move without waking baby.

Car seat, preferably the convertible variety

Stroller compatible with your car seat

Bouncy seat or infant swing

Baby carrier (optional)

Play yard or portable crib (optional)

Lightweight stroller (optional)

Newborns can go through about 10 diapers a day and dozens of wipes, making this one of the most expensive parts of having a baby. Sign up for discounts at your local grocery stores and super centers; many have baby and preschool clubs that will automatically send you coupons via email, others have apps where you can just scan at checkout.

Diapers (you’ll need about 10 per day)


Diaper cream

Diaper bag, preferably one with a fold-out pad for impromptu diaper changes

Diaper pail (optional)

Besides sleeping, your baby will spend most of its time eating, and those middle-of-the-night feedings can be rough. Make your llife easier by having the right supplies handy.

3-5 Bottles, four or five ounces

3-5 Bottles, eight ounces or higher

2-3 each Slow, medium and fast flow nipples

5-7 Bibs

5-7 Burp cloths

Breastfeeding supplies such as nipple cream, gel packs and breast pads, if nursing

Formula, if bottle-feeding

Bottle brushes (optional)

Bottle warmers (optional)

Breast pump and supplies, if nursing

Breastfeeding pillow (optional)

Breastfeeding cover (optional)

Breastmilk storage supplies (optional)

Newborns should be placed to sleep on their backs without any loose bedding or crib items, including blankets, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. At this stage, babies still like to be snuggled fairly tight, so swaddle blankets will be your new best friend for the next few months. Pacifiers at night prompt the breathing reflex, so a lot of pediatricians recommend those during these early months, too.

5-7 swaddle blankets

3-5 crib blankets

3-5 pacifiers, with holders


Waterproof crib mattress

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Crib sheets

Bassinet or cradle (optional)

Rocking chair (optional)

It's easier to wash newborns in the sink with a partner; one holds the baby, the other washes those cute little legs and everything else. But about a month or two in, depending on the size of your baby, a baby bathtub will make it easier to go it alone.

Baby bathtub

2 hooded towels

2 baby washcloths

Baby wash

Health and safety:
Even though baby won't be crawling for months yet, there are certain baby items you will want to have handy.

Baby monitor

Changing table and pad with removable, washable cover

Bulb syringe

Digital thermometer

Baby nail scissors and clippers

Baby-friendly detergent free of dyes and perfumes



Baby is finally sitting up and able to start solid foods, which means there's a slew of new supplies you'll need.


2-3 Baby spoons

2-3 Baby bowls

Sippy cups

Baby food maker (optional)

Baby is now more alert and probably sitting up, so give her something that will both stimulate and keep her entertained.

Activity center

Portable play mat or baby gym


Teething toys

Board books

Health and Safety:

Baby gates

Outlet covers

Cabinet, drawer and toilet lid locks

First aid kit

Clothes (size 3-6 or 6-12):

5-8 onesies, preferably with Velcro or similar ties, if you can find them.

5-8 short-sleeve shirts

3-5 long-sleeved shirts

5-8 pants, preferably the easy, pull-on kind

3 hats

2 festive outfits for parties, church visits, etc., preferably something soft to the touch and easy to pull on and off

5-7 pairs of socks

3-4 pairs of booties

5-8 pajamas or sleepers


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