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Tips to improve your financial life

This is going along with my Declutter your life series.
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We ALL make those fun New Years Resolutions and depending on what they are they fade out either mid January or survive until mid February. I don’t like making Resolutions in January, why not make them each month and stick to them. Having a small goal for a short period of time is more likely to get accomplished than having a year to complete it.

So, here is your First out of 10 Resolution tips of the year, “Set up a system.” Simple, right? Get organized for January is your resolution. This requires a physical set up & a mental attitude. Yes ladies, a mental attitude. Be positive about it and stick with it, I know how it is with young kids, we don’t have the time to sit and go through things, as I write this it’s 11:30pm & I’d rather go to bed, & looking at my desk I have  5 piles of papers to go through. The piles I have are finances, journals, crafts, blog topics to write about and cards to send out. You take it one step at a time, one drawer at a time. While my oldest plays a computer game I have 30 minutes (that’s all the time I give him) to sit down & go through papers. That’s enough time to get a shred pile & a recycle pile going good.

Stay positive.

When I started setting up my system I took about 15 minutes just staring at my office going “How do I want this to work.” Cute folders & funky binders came to mind, have fun with your colors, the folders. To be honest, my hubby would love nothing more then to have nothing in the office & have it painted camouflage, but that just doesn’t work for me. Really look at what you have, what could you get rid of that you haven’t used in over 6 months, what papers do you absolutely need to keep and what papers can be shredded. If your on a tight budget like I have been, use what you have available to you, then write down how you’d like your office and work towards it.

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Look at your stacks of papers, what do you need to keep & how do you want to keep it.

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Deductible expenses: Organize your credit card charge slips & recipets for deductible cash expenses, paid medical bills, property tax bills, charitable contributions. Set up a separate file for each expense.

Banking: This is a folder that should be kept with your monthly statements. Also start a new check register for the New Year. Put last year’s register in your file or print it from your computer.

Investments: Use a separate folder for each brokerage or mutual fund account so you can organize your trade confirmation statements. You’ll need to keep a long term record of purchases and sales for the years ahead.

Tax-related items: Keep your important papers, 1099 forms from brokerage & mutual fund companies & W-2 forms

Quick Tip**** List all of your credit cards & list their numbers, expiration dates & phone numbers, also your heath care ID number & phone numbers, auto club, & membership card information. Put it in a safe place. If you lose your wallet, you won’t go crazy trying to figure out what is missing besides cash.

Let’s be accountable. If you’re going to get your life organized this year post a comment below, let me know how you’re doing, what your frustrations are and I’ll help come up with a solution with you.

Stay tuned for Resolution Tip #2


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