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Tips For Splitting the Holidays

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Since welcoming a delightful babe into our family, the pressure, and desire, to attend as many holiday family gatherings as possible has increased. But people, there really ARE only so many hours in a day - especially when those days include turkey carving and gift hauling.

Here are my tips for attempting (notice I did NOT say “mastering”) the family juggle:

Figure out what will make you happy.

Want to go to the movies on Thanksgiving night? Linger over your pumpkin pie while playing cards with your Aunts and Uncles? Stay in your PJ’s until noon on Christmas Day? The first step to a happy holiday is to figure out what you want and then build around that.

Get cozy with the fact that your plans will be met with disappointment.

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Unless the stars align perfectly, you’re going to miss something and someone is going to really miss you. Even the most understanding and supportive relatives are bound to be a little bummed when they hear that you can’t make it. Let go of trying to do it all and enjoy what you can.

Bryce checking out her new stocking at Grandma's.

Bryce checking out her new stocking at Grandma's.

Create additional events so there isn’t so much pressure placed on one specific day.

My husband’s family often travels for Thanksgiving, but holds a “Faux Thanksgiving” earlier in November so that everyone can get together on a weekend that isn’t so jam-packed with plans. Turkey dinner twice in one month - everybody wins.

Plan a Date Night

My husband’s birthday is the week after Christmas and it’s great to round out the holidays with a nice dinner just for us. It makes up for spending a month being able to do little more than wink at each other from across the chaos. ;)


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