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Tips for Renovating Your New York City Apartment

Living in a city apartment usually means smaller space.
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However, NYC moms need space! We have soccer balls to store, arts and crafts to do and we want to do it all in a semi-chic apartment in the city. There are creative ways to have everything you need but create an open feeling in your apartment. Check out these tips for renovating your space without getting rid of you or your children’s favorite things!

Finding the Perfect Addition

Having the right pieces to complement your space helps open up the room. Choose furniture that has more than one function. Larger tables are easy to transform. Organize items on top into portable containers that can be moved easily. You’re not sacrificing workspace at your desk, and you’re able to keep that dining room table that you love. Another tip for multitasking with the dining room table is covering it up and using it for storage underneath. Throw a decorative tablecloth on top and store extra items below when you don’t have the closet space.

Use What You’ve Got

If you have small rooms with high ceilings, take advantage of the wall space. Try building a shelf into the wall for storage. You can use this space to put your TV in, store books, knick-knacks, photos and books. When you’re lacking in closets, wall storage can be a big space saver.


Moving furniture around is a great help. Try arranging the furniture near the middle of the room to create space around the walls. It can open the outside space by focusing the attention in this room on the furniture in the center. Try breaking up a room into smaller sections. Setting up smaller rooms inside one space adds depth. Create a small seating area with 2 chairs and a small table and place a desk in a corner to section it off. Arrange it so the dining room table and chairs are in their own section, breaking up the larger space into smaller gathering areas.

How to Open Up a Room

You don’t have to start renting the used construction equipment and start knocking down walls to make your rooms bigger. All you have to do is make the rooms seembigger. It helps to paint the furniture the same color as the wall. The furniture will blend into the wall color and open up that area. Using certain colors and creating focal points will help make rooms appear bigger. Instead of taking up space on the counters with bottles, cooking utensils and herbs, look into buying a metal storage rack. This storage shelf doesn’t take up much space and because it’s light and thin it doesn’t make the room feel crowded. Your kitchen will look and feel bigger with more open counter space.

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Trying adding style to your floors with a nice rug. Use the colors from the rug to decorate the room and tie it all together. Jazz up your walls with some mirrors. They reflect more natural light and helps make the space feel bigger.

Great Finds

Check out your local thrift stores or Craigslist to find re-purposed materials to incorporate into your renovation. I found these great furniture pieces made from wood pallets. Using these pallets to make a table creates layers of storage with a chic look. Check out Pinterest or Etsy when searching for ideas. I found this great wood crate shelf on Etsy. I found some materials at my local Salvation Army and created this piece of furniture for less than $10. It’s cute and creates valuable storage space.

Smart Storage

Some apartments have cubbies instead of closets. They have the storage space but nothing to close the section off so visitors aren’t checking out all your toiletries and towels. Find a rod and some cute curtains to cover up the space without losing style.

Look for under-the-bed storage containers to hide clothes and shoes. If you need extra closet space, get some velvet hangers. By taking up less room in your closet, you’ll have a reliable hold on your clothes and more space to hang. If you wear a certain jacket with a dress shirt, hang those items together for easy grab and go.

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Living in a smaller apartment can be stressful. You may think it’s impossible to have living space after all your stuff is moved in. Try these tips to open up your space and smartly store items.


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