Three Things: Goals for the Holiday Season

Along with the pumpkin pie and Christmas carols comes another thing… GOALS. We asked our staff to share “Three Things” that they hope to accomplish by January.

The holiday season is upon us! And with the pumpkin pie and Christmas carols comes another thing… GOALS. Whether it be stress management or exercise strategies, what are your goals for this holiday season? We asked our staff to share “Three Things” that they hope to accomplish by January. Maybe we‘ll inspire you to make a list of your own, eh? Happy Holidays!


Amy J., TodaysMama COO

1. Enough clarity to recognize when to stop and enjoy the moment

2. To devour Southern-style Sweet Potato Souffle

3. Moderation


Rebecca D., Editor

1. To remember the reason for the season. I tend to get caught up in the hoopla of everything.

2. Keep my weight. Why am I always ten pounds heavier by January 2?

3. To cook/bake/whip up something new. Something daring. Something Martha-Stewart-ish.


Erica F., Production Editor

1. Bake bread for my neighbors

2. Teach my 2-year-old son that giving is delightful

3. Sew booties for the babies in our family


Stephanie P., Co-Founder

Since I’ll be having our 4th baby in the thick of the holiday season my goals will be:

1. To relax, if we don’t get everything done we want, there is always next year.

2. Keep everyone healthy.

3. And sit back and enjoy a new baby at the best time of the year!!


Rachael H., CEO:

1. To bring my family to tears with the place settings I'm in charge of for Thanksgiving (buckle up!)

2. To finish all shopping by December 14th (as opposed to the 24th)

3. To have more "quiet and cozy" as opposed to the typical "madness and mayhem" of the holidays


Jen P., Sales Team:

1. Finish our basement remodel… then we’ll have a place to hangout when the kiddo is asleep

2. Create a printed scrapbook about baby's first year… not just pictures on my computer

3. Learn to use my digital SLR camera


Erin O., Managing Editor

1. Be in more pictures. Seriously...2008...I’m pretty sure I was there...who do you think wrapped all those gifts? ME. Who is in all the photos? Not me.

2. Keep the growth of my muffin top to a minimum.

3. Keep the “It’s a Wonderful Life” mantra in my heart all year long.

Happy Holidays!


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