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This Valentine’s Day: Send Love My Teacher Notes!

If you could write a Valentine’s note to this one special teacher in your life—what would you say? Teacher Valentine Gifts with love notes.
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With Valentine’s Day a few days away, Carissa Rogers of shares thoughtful ideas for honoring the teachers we love. VolunteerSpot’s free online sign up sheets save teachers time (and stress) while making it easier for more parents to pitch in and help.

Was there a special teacher in your life who never gave up on you or saw something others missed? Can you name a drama coach, sports coach or piano teacher who impacted your life for the better?

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If you could write a Valentine’s note to this one special teacher in your life—what would you say? Why not write it RIGHT NOW? Put pen to paper and share your thoughts. Even if this person has since passed away, you can still share the story with your kids. Or see if you can find the teacher’s mailing address or Facebook account!

Friends of Volunteerspot share their own ‘Love My Teacher’ Notes:

From Shara, owner of & Early Childhood News & Resources: “A rush of emotions ran through my blood and into my heart, around my past and onto my future. This teacher gave me hope and he offered me compassion. He boosted my self-esteem and made me wonder: "Can it be true? Could I have
leadership abilities? Me?" He didn't have any children of his own but his heart adopted some, like me. He gave me confidence and self-assurance that has lasted, in my memory bank, for over 19 years.

Think about all of your children’s teachers—what special teachers, administrators or school staff members in your child’s life deserve special Thank You Valentine Teacher Gifts?

Sarah Auerswald of “My son's teacher is amazing. She really goes the extra mile to make sure all the kids are learning and are excited about school. She uses crafts and her room is very colorfully-decorated. My son says she makes jokes to help the day seem fun, which he likes, of course. Overall, she sees it as her duty to prepare these kids for the next level and she works tirelessly to make sure they all get there.”

Jill Berry of “I love that my child's school will go the extra mile. Last year when my child had one issue that crossed all disciplines, the school set up one parent-teacher conference with all teachers. It was so helpful for my husband and I to be able to talk to all teachers at one meeting.”

Elizabeth Donovan of “My daughter's first grade teacher, Ms. Chance, has done a wonderful job of helping her adjust to a new school this year. Her teacher always 'goes the extra mile' and is supportive of my daughter's achievements.”

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There are many people who aren’t specifically teachers of our kids—yet fill a special ‘teaching’ role nonetheless. Aunts, uncles, friends, Scout leaders, volunteer team sport coaches, janitors, teen babysitters, school aides, parent volunteers, etc. Help your child write a Valentine’s note to all the ‘teachers’ in their lives!

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4 Quick Gift Ideas to ‘Love Your Teacher’


Grab a few friends and create a caring (versus lavish) teacher thank you gift this Valentine’s Day!

Create the ‘Gift of Time by volunteering to spend time helping in the classroom.

Create a ‘Love Bomb’ this year: bombard your child’s teacher, cafeteria worker, principal or janitor with a burst of Valentine/Thank You notes on their door or even their car! Meet the kids on the playground and create a cute and quick thumbprint heart card. Each child makes a heart and signs their name.

Get creative and pool your efforts for a ‘Teacher Group Gift Basketusing what you know your teacher’s favorite hobbies to be.


Carissa Rogers is a member of Team VolunteerSpot. She is a busy mom of 3 active kids. And when she’s not carpooling, leading the PTO or playing photographer; she’s connecting, consulting, freelancing and lots of other -ings … a mom of all trades

Connect with her on Twitter: @CarissaRogers.


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This Valentine’s Day: Send Love My Teacher Notes!

This Valentine’s Day: Send Love My Teacher Notes!


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