The Year of No Expectations


Every year I get pumped up for the new year. I get my list of goals going, create my vision board (or at least I visualize my vision board). I've even assigned themes and catch phrases to previous years of my life. "Blinding you with our awesomeness" was one. Words like "own" and "dominate" have been in the mix. Basically, I've used words that say, this year is going to kick ass.

Basically, each year, I think I've figured that if I visualize it just right, and if I put all the right kind of energy out there, the year will be magical. My goals would be accomplished, my dreams come to fruition, and trouble of any sort avoided. Every year is magical, but in ways I never could have visualized.

I don't have any glum predictions for 2013. I actually think it's going to be a great year (as I think every year will be). I even think 13 is our lucky number. But what I've come to realize in my life is that expectations are the root of all frustration. None of us have any idea what 2013 will bring.

I saw this the other day (on Pinterest of course) and I think it sums things up well. Expectations fool us all of the time.


Image Source: Kensi Kate

So I'll make one resolution this year. I resolve to live without expectation.



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