The Yay Friday Round Up: Hungry Pregnant Woman Edition

I’m hungry. I may be spending more time than usual perusing the food blogs. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my hungry browsing!

So I’m massively pregnant. The kind of massive that leads people to gingerly ask, “when are you due, honey” and then try to hide the look of horror when I answer “March” instead of “tomorrow”, like they were obviously expecting.

Long story short, this kid is growing like a weed. I’m hungry. Constantly.

Sooooo....I may be spending a bit more time than usual perusing the food blogs. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my hungry browsing!

I received a package of Ibarra for Christmas. I’m going to whip up Gabriela’s version of Mexican Hot Chocolate, asap!

Image from Gabriela's Kitchen

Image from Gabriela's Kitchen

I love sourdough...well, anything but the recipes always seem like such a pain in the tush. Not anymore! Reluctant Entertainer, Sandy, shares a waffle trick.

I just discovered Lunch with Front Studio. I can’t get enough. I may or may not have lost a good 30 minutes to the archives of this blog this week.

DIY “Peanutella” from Smitten Kitchen. Are. You. KIDDING. Me.

Karen Walrond has been sharing her Seattle book tour trip this week. This post is a favorite, possibly due to my unrelenting affection for coffee.

And since it can’t be all chocolate and waffles around here...

Enjoy a great post from Jenny of Little Green Notebook on how to grow you blog. (It’s a summary of the session she was a panelist on at Alt.)

I’m always fascinated to learn about how other people juggle working from home. Ali Edwards shared her schedule and some insightful thoughts on the topic this week.


Have a great weekend!



The YAY Friday Round Up

I am looking forward to spending a little time this weekend with my feet up and a milkshake in my hand. Until the moment arrives, enjoy some of the great stuff that landed online this week:


The Yay Friday Round Up

This morning I woke up with the overwhelming urge to purge. Someone warn my local thrift store....I’m about to bury them in Gap denim and khakis, circa 2001.