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The Yay Friday Round Up: DANG It’s Cold Edition

Keeping close to home makes the kiddo super creative. An Easter bucket on your head? Instant helmet and alter-ego, “Motorcycle Girl”. Here's a few things I found online this week when we weren't playing pretend.

We’ve been spared the onslaught of snow that the rest of the country is dealing with, but the cold? OH BOY. The cold air settled in over us this week and kept us close to home. I did venture out for groceries...but bundling up at 35 weeks pregnant? Not easy. By the time I wrestled on a shirt, my husband’s hoody, my own peacoat and gloves I was roughly the width of the grocery aisle.

I may or may not have made an overly dramatic statement when I returned home that may or may not have suggested that there was no way in hell I was leaving the house again until I go into labor.

I’m better now.

But keeping close to home? Makes the kiddo super creative. An Easter bucket on your head? Instant helmet and alter-ego, “Motorcycle Girl”.


So while we weren’t hiding from the cold or crankily maneuvering my very large body through the grocery store, I found a few things online to share....

A sweet Valentine decoration from Marta. (I made these last year and love them!)

Easy peasy sewing card valentine from Simply the Sweet Life Magazine.

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I’d keep these heart hotpads in my kitchen all year ‘round. I’m a sucker for hearts.

Sherry from Young House Love shares her foray into coupon clipping. Great, detailed tips here.

More ideas for keeping kids busy on a snowy day from The Mother Huddle. (Surprisingly bucket headwear is not on the list.)

I love the What’s in Your Purse series from Petit Elefant. Love the latest post the most.

Wise words on preparing kids to leave the nest with early habits from Simple Mom.

Helen Jane has launched a wonderful new blog called HJEntertains - now go forth and host!

And now for the post that made me smile widest - “As of This Writing” from Mackin Ink

Have a great weekend!



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