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The Yay Friday Round Up

When I wasn’t soaking in Vitamin D or shoveling snow, I enjoyed these tidbits from the interwebs...
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On Tuesday the weather was glorious. Sixty degrees of glorious. Wednesday morning this was the view of my deck:

Welcome to Utah! Where Mother Nature goes to get her crazy on.

Welcome to Utah! Where Mother Nature goes to get her crazy on.

When I wasn’t soaking in Vitamin D or shoveling snow, I enjoyed these tidbits from the interwebs...

I made this soup this week and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s The Best. Utah locals can relate to trying to find a soup that comes close to the amazing Creamy Tomato from The Soup Kitchen...this one has it BEAT!

Kami had her photo taken with my Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend. I’m not sure what I’m more jealous of...that she met him, or got to eat at his restaurant. Kami, hook me up with the details...does he smell delicious? Because in my daydreams he smells like bread pudding.

Karen Walrond shared her tips for buying a SLR camera. I know I speak for everyone when I say, Thank you!

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I participated in Tracey Clark’s Picture Summer class last year and loved it. I’m delighted to hear that she’s kicking off a year-long class. You should be too!

Two of my favorite bloggers just had babies. Do I feel a kinship because I’m going to have a babe any minute? Why, yes I do. Please go say “Hello, Baby” to Poet and August.

I want one of these for my baby. Do you hear me, Becky?

Carina shared this article about the Tea Party and their unhelpful squawking regarding breastfeeding.

Speaking of Carina, look how pretty she is!

Last, but not least, the tumblr post that made me cackle out loud.

Have a great weekend!



The YAY Friday Round Up

As we count down the minutes to the actual weekend, here a few online goodies I wanted to share...

Image via This Week For Dinner, by Jane Maynard

The Yay Friday Round Up: 2011 Week One

Here are few things I came across this week, between watching back-to-back episodes of Curious George and administering teaspoonfuls of honey.


The Yay Friday Round Up

This morning I woke up with the overwhelming urge to purge. Someone warn my local thrift store....I’m about to bury them in Gap denim and khakis, circa 2001.


The YAY Friday Round Up: Abandoned for Blogher

Abandoned. Most of the TodaysMama staff has jetted off to fabulous NYC to enjoy Blogher. I’m at home. What? The? Heck?


The Yay Friday Round Up: Alt Edition

Two glorious things happened this week. First, a storm blew the funky air out of the area and then the girl and I both managed to finally kick this cold bug to the curb...

Oh, look at those happy kids!

The Yay Friday Round Up Returns

While I wasn’t hallucinating from my fever/chills/fever cycle, I made darn good use of my phone’s web browser. Enjoy a few gems from around the web...

Image from Gabriela's Kitchen

The Yay Friday Round Up: Hungry Pregnant Woman Edition

I’m hungry. I may be spending more time than usual perusing the food blogs. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my hungry browsing!

An early morning photo. Gel clings are perfect for bathroom mirrors...perks hand washing time right up.

The Yay Friday Round Up: Birthday Girl Edition

We're knee-deep in pink frosting over here! Check out a few of the thought provoking, delicious and inspiring posts that I stumbled across this week.