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The XBOX Obsession

Must. Play. XBOX. Ok, so I’m addicted.
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After I get home from work, I can’t wait to slip that disc in the XBOX Kinect machine and get my groove on.  It’s not just the Michael Jackson Experience that has me enthralled.  I can’t get enough of skiing, tennis, darts and “Wipeout”.  XBOX Kinect is my new obsession.

I’ll even admit; it’s bad.  It’s almost Shannon’s-preoccupation-with-Justin-Bieber bad.  When I wake up in the morning, I find myself singing Michael Jackson songs.  As I prepare for work, I slide across the tile kitchen floor, performing a perfectly Jackson-esque Moonwalk.  I hurriedly chase my kids off to school, knowing that if I had just five more minutes in front of that XBOX, I would most certainly have the dance steps to “Smooth Criminal” mastered.  I have not touched a dish, swept a floor or ironed a shirt since XBOX Kinect has come into my life.  Yes, I am obsessed.

Additionally, it is starting to become an embarrassment for my kids.  No one wants to see me literally race Daniel to the XBOX when we get home, especially when I am wearing heels.  They strongly discourage me from gyrating to an imaginary Michael Jackson song while we are in public.  When driving in my car, if one of his songs comes on the radio, I will immediately call out the dance moves that corrolate to the song. My children will just look at me and, in unison, scold me with a terse, “No, Mom.”

Occasionally, I’ll put the dance moves to rest and I will try another game.  Daniel and I had a tennis game to rival Serena Williams and Andy Roddick, and I certainly felt my age after I virtually skied in my family room.  But through the aches and pains, I anticipate my next “ace” or my next “slalom”.

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I have even been able to introduce my friend, Christine, to my newest friend, the Kinect.  Christine visited us from California and after the initial reunion, it was time to show her what the all the fuss was about.  At first, she was as amazed with the technolgy as I was once was and she watched as the children and I performed our best moves.  While she declined the MJ Experience, we did convince her to try the “Wipeout” game, and we laughed as we huffed and puffed through the obstacle course.  I think Chrisitne enjoyed it as much as the kids and I did and we certainly got our exercise!

The following day, Shannon cruised into the family room, only to find me practicing the “Billie Jean” routine.

“Again??” she asked, incredulously.

“Oh, go listen to your Bieber CD,” I called after her as she went down the hall.  As I returned to my game, I realized that my interrupted concentration had cost me a star and the virtual Michael Jackson crown.  Better start again, I determined.

To whomever invented this gaming system, I give you a tip of the fedora.  Not only has it been a catalyst to draw my family together, it has pulled us away from inane television viewing.  I am also experiencing the exhilaration of exercise, as well as the thrill of beating my 20 year old son at “Wipeout.”  I have only one other obsession that consumes me and delivers such euphoria:  Must. Write. Blog.


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