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The Summer Solstice is Here


Did you know that TODAY at 7:04 p.m. (EDT) we can all celebrate the Summer Solstice? aka - The Longest Day of the Year.

Really, what mom of school-aged kids doesn't already know that the days are long? By noon, our family has cycled through multiple indoor and outdoor activities.

Morning walk, breakfast, workbooks, chores, reading, swim team, swim lessons, slides, swings and maybe even the grocery store, all before lunch.

Yet, every year on this day, I'm reminded of a journey to a place known as the Sun Tunnels.

Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt

These are no ordinary cement pipes. They live in the desert west of Salt Lake City and are situated to perfectly frame sun as it rises and sets on this special day of the year. Thank you, Julie Hewlett, for bringing art to my life.

Sun Tunnels Photo by Amiee Maxwell

The clock striking midnight on New Year's Eve and the Summer Solstice are moments I reflect on all that has happened in the year. My kids are my constant companions and the best playmates I could ask for. I marvel at their development, the beauty of their souls and then, the familiar echo, "There's nothing to do-o-oo...".

Time to make some more summer memories! The days only get shorter from here.

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