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The Secrets to Happiness

The Secrets to Happiness | December 11th
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Most of us have bought into the American Dream: succeed and happiness will follow.  Science has now proven the exact opposite to be true: happier people are more likely to succeed.  But how?  Many have fallen prey to the myths of happiness and even if they do stumble upon happiness, they do not know how to hold on it.

In this gripping and entertaining presentation, local positive psychologist, Frank Clayton, gives the answers to these questions and helps set your feet on the path to a happier life.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: FREE


Frank Clayton is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, specializing in HAPPINESS.

We help individuals (age 12+), couples and families with such issues as depression, anxiety, communication problems, anger issues and assertiveness.

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We take most insurance including Aetna, Mental Health Network,  Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Triwest or Tricare, United Behavioral Health.  We do not take insurance for Altius, Cigna, MH Net, Medicaid, Medicare and Select.

Our typical fee  for cash payment is $80. We also offer a sliding scale as low as $60.

Frank also hosts a FREE class called Happiness 101. Click here for more information.

Frank is currently accepting new clients and accepts most insurance.

Call 877-476-6338

My vision is to help people feel happy.


Being a counselor is my calling.  I absolutely love helping people.  Initially it was enough to just help people NOT to feel depressed, but I thought, “Surely we can do better”.  I have immersed myself in the study of happiness and found a great deal of research dedicated to the subject and have dedicated myself to not just helping to alleviate symptoms of depression but to help people to actually become happy LONG-TERM.  I commit to continue to study positive psychology and solution-focused therapy that I may help people to look inside and find what they have always longed for: true happiness.


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