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The Political Voices of Women

Where are all the women political bloggers?

Where are all the women political bloggers? Right here on Catherine Morgan’s blog. Catherine hopes to inspire women to use “the power of the political blog” and join the ongoing conversation. She says there are not many places on the net where women can be exposed to all sides of the issues (conservative, liberal, and everything in between) and feel comfortable voicing their opinions, but hopes her blog will be that place.

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Women as Candidates

More women than ever before are participating in and seeking political positions. We’ve gathered a few articles that highlight the struggles and victories of Women in politics.

Featured Blogs: Politics For Moms

: This is where moms go for their daily dose of politics. Politics For Moms does not endorse candidates or ideology. It is simply a resource for moms to educate themselves on the political process and on the candidates and issues so they can make an informed voting decision

Point/Counterpoint: Women in Office

Female politicians have made big waves this past year. The first female speaker of the house was sworn in, the most popular governor in America is a woman, and now the NY Times editorial board recommends electing the first female president (even though the Times ran an article addressing political nepotism). Women still remain underrepresented in elected office, accounting for 24%of state legislators, 18% of governors, and about 16% of Congress.

Women's History Month

Smithsonian Education Women’s History Resources. Navigate through an interactive gallery and explore photographs of some of twentieth-century America’s famous and influential women.

Politics, a Family Affair. An Interview with Senator Landrieu

In an exclusive MamaVote interview, Senator Mary Landrieu, shares how she got her start in public service as a young woman and shares how she balances her roles of Senator and Mother.

Homespun Politics

The Jib Jab obsession served as my wake-up call, the moment when it finally dawned on me that perhaps my household was a bit...unusual.

MamaVote Featured Blogs for 9/29/08

Want to see what a few of our favorite political bloggers thought about the first presidential debate? Each week we’ll feature a conservative and liberal blog, side by side, for your reading pleasure…or aggravation. Check them out here.

MamaVote Featured Blogs for 10/20/08

Forget pundits – we’re interested in what parents have to say about the Presidential Election. This week we’re featuring political Mama bloggers - one conservative and one liberal, side by side.