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Day to Day life of The Mamma Bear (Me) and the adventures, surprises, and challenges that make up my life. I am the mom to two girls and two boys, one old dog as well as wife to Mr. Outdoorsman. I went back to school last fall to complete my degree in family life studies. This blog is my outlet to find the humor in my three ring circus and my efforts at being the ringleader/juggler.

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The New Bed

It's bedtime, and Emi's asking for a drink before she goes to sleep. But tonight her usual request is accompanied by a more ominous directive. "Mommy," she says, her face solemn, "when you come back, we have to talk."

The Oblivious Factor

What is it these days with the Oblivious Factor? Whether we're driving, shopping or walking down the street, we are so wrapped up in something else other than looking to see if we're blocking someone's way or slowing down traffic, that we pretty much become a nuisance not only to others, but a hazard to ourselves.