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The Happening Page

One of the great challenges of Motherhood is to remember to seize the day and to enjoy the moment…no matter what! We so often find ourselves thinking “life is going to be so much easier when…..”
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One of the great challenges of Motherhood is to remember to seize the day and to enjoy the moment…no matter what! We so often find ourselves thinking “life is going to be so much easier when…..” “It will be so much better when the baby can walk” and then the baby finally walks and we think, “Sheesh, it was so much easier when that baby just sat in one place and I always knew where she was!”

One of our daughters, Saydi who is now a mother herself learned this lesson poignantly one night when she was reading to her little three year old daughter Hazel (named for our amazing Mother/Grandmother). After the first few pages, Hazel interrupted her mom at the turn of almost every page to ask, “Is this the happening page?” Puzzled and not understanding her question, Saydi went on with the story as Hazel asked over and over as the pages turned, “Is this the happening page?” Suddenly she realized what she meant. “Is this where the climax of the story really happens? Is this what we’ve been waiting for?” Is this the exciting part of the story?”

She smiled and likened that thought to Motherhood. We so often wish away “the pages” of our lives, hoping for something exciting to happen or for things to change so that we can get to the climax of our lives. In actuality every day is “a happening page”. Yes, stress and dilemmas are abundant, but also every one of our lives is also filled with the joy of “the happening page” if we’re watching for it!

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True, there are times when we really are in survival mode…sleep deprived for months at a time with a new baby or by children who won’t stay in their beds. There are times when our mental health is in danger because a certain stage in a child’s life is about to push us over the edge, but if we step back and look at the big picture, we need to realize that most of our craziest days will someday be something to laugh about and remember with fondness. Sometimes we may even have physical conditions that seem to be ruining our plans for what we had in mind for the next page of our lives. Still it is a happening page. It’s just not happening as we had dreamed…on that page. Our hardest days are often the ones that teach us the most.

As we begin our new school year the challenge is to make every page of your life as a mother, for better or for worse, “a happening page.”



The Importance of Change

If we don’t have written goals about what we want to accomplish on the long term as well as what we would like to change about ourselves this year, it likely will not happen. Even if we don’t work on them every day our brains are incredible organs. Once we have really determined what we want to do, it will remind us to stay on track.

The Art of Watching Children Create Art

One of the great delights of Motherhood is watching children create their own art. As distinct as their own thumbprints, the art that comes from their minds is expressed on untold numbers of pages. Stick figure after stick figure at first progresses to include hair, clothes, even shoulders! What a delight it is to observe their creations as that literally “fall out” of their minds through pencils, pens, crayons, brushes and markers as they produce something totally unique to themselves.

Balancing Act

How often do you find yourself feeling out of balance? It feels as though there are so many things in your envelope that you just can’t cram in one more thing, but somehow you manage to do it anyway. You life is full of “stuff” and sometimes you feel that you are in the thick of things. The urgent seems to force out the important but you just can’t figure out how to make things change.

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The Entitlement Trap

When we started thinking about entitlement we saw it as an enormous problem with modern families. But little did we know according to our explosion of responses that this just might be the biggest issue in today’s parenting world.

Motherhood: The Great Equalizer

Recently after attending a church service in New York City our twenty five year old son, Noah was asked by his newly married guy-friend…no children… how his eight and a half month pregnant wife Kristi was doing. Noah beamed from ear to ear and proudly announced, “She’s dilated to two and eighty percent effaced!”

The Black Hole

This Utah Mama was with two of our grown children and their young families in Southern Utah this week. Eight of our sixteen grandchildren (all under 10) live next door to each other amidst the splendor of the red cliffs in St. George. Picture this: Breakfast with our oldest daughter and her five little ones. The two year old identical twin boys Oliver and Silas, who had just graduated from their high chairs were eating an enormous breakfast at the bar. With their little elbows barely able to reach the top of the bar they were inhaling their food with great satisfaction and were begging for more.

The Lessons of Hard Work

It is mind boggling to contemplate the difference in our lives as compared with the life of my father...who would today be celebrating his 115th birthday were he still with us!

The Hardest Job You'll Ever Love

In welcoming our fifteenth beautiful grandchild to the world this week (the oldest is nine) and being with our daughter in Phoenix who is now managing five beautiful children, I was thrown into déjà vu as I was immersed into the practicing, homework, violin, tennis and piano lessons, dinners at six, reading to pre-schoolers and reading with third and fourth graders.