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The Farewell Season

It’s the farewell season for The Oprah Show, and I’m not going to lie, it’s about enough to make me sit down and watch tv in “real-time” . . .

It’s the farewell season for The Oprah Show, and I’m not going to lie, it’s about enough to make me sit down and watch tv in “real-time” (because seriously, we watch most everything through Hulu late at night when the kids are in bed). You know they are going to pull out all of the stops and it’s like history in the making!

Oprah is like a fixture in the makeup of the society that I have grown up in. I guess I was about 8 years old when the Oprah show started. I remember having her on in my house growing up. Coming home after school in jr. high and high school and turning it on.

There have been shows I’ve been inspired and moved by – there have been shows I had to turn off because somehow they scared me too much about the world, and there have been times when I’ve wanted to fly to Chicago and sit down and flat out debate her because I’ve disagreed. But seriously "O" – could we really be in a fight? Our birthday’s are 2 days apart and we are both Aquarians – I’m pretty sure that makes us besties - so no worries!

There is a show that stands out for me in my life in particular. It was my “A-ha” moment as Oprah puts it. I was a 24-year-old new mom (hey, I live in Utah, that’s totally old), and had just left my full time job as a physicians recruiter to be home with my little baby boy (who is now 8!). I, like every other mom at the time, had a growing collection of Baby Einstein videos and Julie Aigner Clark happened to be a guest on the Oprah show that I’m telling you about.

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I remember watching the show. Watching the women who had made things work by working at home, women who had pursued their dreams and succeeded. I listened to Julie’s story. It was simple really – she literally made videos of toys with music from her garage. And here I was buying them with my spare change, and there she was having just sold her company to Disney! I thought to myself – if she can run a business, so can I. It was this distinct moment, where I can still picture myself pausing in a doorway with a baby carrier and diaper bag in hand having that “moment”.

Less than 2 years later I started my own business with a 2 month old girl and a 22 month old little boy – and I did so with this kind of soulful assurance that I had that day in my little condo that I could do it, because other people had.

So here I am, now with 3 kids and a 6-year-old business that I started from my home. I can’t say I’ve fully arrived yet, and I can’t say that Disney has come knocking and that I’m sitting on my own private island. But I can say that the Oprah episode that I caught that day is part of my journey. If I were to write a memoir – that moment would be there.

I think watching season 25 will be full of lots of amazing moments. It’s one not to be missed. And for all of us with our life’s goal of seeing one of her shows live or be still our beating hearts – being a guest on the show . . . It’s on. One season and 130 episodes left. A kid can dream a little right?

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