The Exploratorium San Francisco

The Exploratorium San Francisco
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You gotta love any place that gives the nod to your children making a little noise, touching the exhibits, or creating a ‘mess’. So you gotta love The Exploratorium in San Francisco – ‘the hands-on museum of art, science, and perception’.

As many of us long time Bay Area dwellers know, the Exploratorium has left its former home at the Palace of Fine Arts to travel to its new home at Pier 15 in San Francisco (between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building) . It is scheduled to re-open this April 17th.

For all parents who have gone anywhere museum-like and said to their children more than 1,000 times, “No! Don’t touch that, baby” or “Stay by me the whole time” (while simultaneously praying they, or you, didn’t knock something over that cost a million dollars), the Exploratorium is a godsend. It’s a great day out where you can learn some fascinatingly fun, interactive facts and can actually touch what you are learning about. Imagine that!  Our sensory seeking kiddos will feel like they’ve hit the museum jackpot! It’s a wonderful place to explore, and I can’t wait until the 17th. )

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