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The Editor’s February Favorites...

A few of my favorites from around the web in February. Mom.20, SNOWPOCALYPSE, and a few favorites from mom and food bloggers.
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    Original: snowed a bit.
Just not where I live, which is incidentally known for “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. Just in case you missed the SNOWPOCALYPSE tweets and the blog posts from the eastcoast folks.


Image courtesy of Rude Cactus.

As much as I feel the pain of those snowed-in folks, this tweet from @Jet_Set made me cackle out loud:

Jet Set Tweet

Oh, yeah! Valentine’s Day.
How could I forget that oh-so-romantic day that our household spent cleaning the laundry room. We capped the day off with a delicious dinner, so don’t feel too bad for us. Truthfully, I LOVE the day - so much that I invited a bunch of wonderful guest bloggers to share their favorite love song mixes. Check out all 14 of them here.

Also this month? Mom 2.0 and Blissdom.
Alas, I didn’t make it to either...(my conference budget for early 2010 was devoted to Alt - I’m still riding the wave of that AWESOMENESS) but our fearless leader, Rachael did. Evidently the Mom 2.0 panel that she participated in was WILDYentertaining.

It breaks my heart that I missed the Mom 2.0 Exhibit. This video is not to be missed and in my humble opinion, Katherine Center nailed it when she said, “ have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.”

Oh, apparently some SERIOUS booty shaking occurred on the dance floor at Blissdom.

Speaking of Moms...they’re awesome.

This post from Cathy Zielske stuck with me, mainly because my own mom shared her passions with me and let me be creative in my own space. More than anything I want to replicate this experience for my own daughter.

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That little blogging jewel, Marta, is holding a “Blog & Business Workshop” on her blog this week (March 1-6). It’s free on her blog and I can’t wait to see what she rolls out.


Because I’m fascinated with tattoos on the inner arm (and am determined to have my own one day) this post about the tender words Kal added to her body stuck with me. Big time.

More than once I’ve lamented the loss of my ability to get through a meal with a reasonable amount of peace. Since reading A Mother’s Pancake, I’ve been able to look at the mayhem of mealtime with fresh eyes.

And because I just created a Tweetdeck column just to see all my food related twitterers, let’s see what dazzled from the foodies in February.

Jamie Oliver’s TED presentation - teach children about food to address the childhood obesity epidemic. Is he a bit angry? Yes. Should he be? YES.

Thick, Chewy Granola Bars from Smitten Kitchen

Thin Mint Cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes via Kelley Moore

Pasta with Gorgonzola Sauce from goodLife {eats}
I’ve already requested this as my birthday’s still 3 months away.

good life eats

Maple Granola from Martha Stewart
It smelled a bit odd while baking but it is delicious! (I think the funky smell was due to the olive oil. I’m going to use canola next time and see how it goes.)


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