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The Crafter’s First Sewing Experience

I think I am a pretty crafty person.
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I can Stamp it Up like nobody’s business, I can make those super cool crosses that you see everywhere, I do wreaths, and when it comes to using my Cricut… well, watch out!  So what is new as far as my world when it comes to crafting?  Well sewing of course!

For my birthday, my parents bought me a sewing machine.  I haven’t sewn since I was in Jr. High and took a Home Economics class.  Now, many…. many years have passed, and I had a hankering for sewing something.  I didn’t want to start out making clothes, well, not until I got a little practice in.  I frequent the flea markets (or as I like to think, craft markets) and I see all these cute outfits and aprons that people have put together.  Then, I, like you probably do, think to myself, “I can do that!”

So, with my nifty new sewing machine, I got a pattern to try out.  Let me say, I forgot how tedious cutting patterns was.  I think it took me a good two hours to cut out every piece of that extra thin paper, attach it to the material, and then cut it out.  By the time that was all cut out, I was done.  Literally, done.  I did not want to mess with that anymore.

Well, I am not a quitter.  The next day, I chugged on.   Even after it taking me what felt like half a day to get the machine threaded, I got that little needle going.  I didn’t even have to call my mom to ask her how to reinforce through the large circle (what large circle?), or ask, “what does slipstitch, staystitch, understitch, and edgetitch mean?”  I somewhat figured it out on my own.  They really need a sewing dictionary or something for people who get lost fairly easy.

So, after hours, and hours, and more hours, I got my final product.  As I am not 100% happy with the outcome, practice does make perfect.  I will try, try again.  Maybe next time I won’t make something that my husband is ashamed to hang in the kitchen (not the fact that it didn’t look all that great, but the fact that my kitchen already looks like Mickey Mouse exploded in it).

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