The Couponizer Company

The Couponizer Company, founded by Amy Bergin, was formed to support the manufacturing and distribution of her coupon organizing and shopping system she named “The Couponizer”. Winner of several awards and deemed “the hottest coupon accessory on the market” by, The Couponizer is quickly becoming the tool of choice for anyone who wants to save both time and money.
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Professionally, Amy started her career after graduating from Ohio State University as an illustrator, and then she served a few years with Young Life, an outreach ministry to high school kids. Then for almost 10 years, she worked in corporate training at The Coca-Cola Company. Now she is at home raising a family of 3 kids, but it was after the birth of her first baby in 1999 that she developed her own system for organizing and shopping with coupons. After she noticed her spending was more in line with family financial goals, Amy set out to share with others who struggle with overspending. The Couponizer hit the market in fall of 2002 and sales have soared higher each year since. First a wife, then a Mom, Amy approaches her business as a way to help others sharpen skills that are vital to family financial success... and it’s not really about coupons!



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