The Best Teepees and Play Tents

Dreaming of a little nook to play and read? Get inspiration for your little ones!
playtent with a window

I keep seeing pictures of play tents and teepees online and I can't help but want to build one for my kids. I remember what it was like to want a little place of my own, someplace where I could read, snuggle, or just hide.

Best teepees and play tents

I'm sure my kids would love any of these, which I think are the best teepees and play tents out there.

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Which one is your favorite?

1. Canvas teepee from My Growing Home

2. Crochet lace teepee from A Beautiful Mess

3. Birthday Pow Wow from Dear Lizzy

4. Indian Teepee from Cox and Cox

5.Easy Reading Nook from Ana White

6. Lacey play teepee from A Beautiful Mess

7. A modern teepee from Time of Aquarius

8. No sew teepee from the Handmade Home

9. A simple play tent from Swoon and Sigh

10. Play tent with a window

11. Red Stripe tent, personalized from LoveLimeKids

12. A corner tent from Sew Liberated

13. Black and white tent from LoveLimeKids


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