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The Best Skin Care Products

The Best Skin Care Products
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I’m going to start this MomsKnow post by breaking the cardinal rule of writing:  admitting I know nothing of which I will be speaking.  (But, as you all know by now, honesty for me wins out over anything else.)  I stopped reading beauty magazines when I was 19 because they only made me feel worse about myself.  More recently, a friend of mine gave me an Arbonne kit to try for a few days and I opened it once – and was so completely overwhelmed with all the creams and cleansers that I immediately zipped the bag up to never be opened again (I couldn’t even lie about that when she came to pick it up – I told her I hadn’t tried anything when she came to pick it up and apologized for wasting her time!).

I am more of a low-maintenance gal.  I do some things right — for instance, I love the two products I use every morning: Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner and a Neutrogena Healthy Skin Daily Moisturizer.  But, that’s about where the “right” part of my beauty routine ends and the “wrong” begins… like washing my face in my morning shower with my husband’s Lever 2000 soap.  Or my nightly practice of crawling into bed without washing my face – or taking off whatever little make-up might have remained after 14 hours (OK, OK, get all the gasps out now).  It’s no wonder that I am really starting to see the signs of aging.  Skin doesn’t go downhill this fast just with time passing…my face is showing major signs of neglect.  So, I’m glad that a few of my friends – with great skin, of course! – shared their secrets with me.  And now I’ll share them with you.  (And maybe after my kids are a little older and self sufficient – like in college – I may even adopt some of these practices and products!)


Megan, grad student

Megan loves her Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub because the “microbeads really wake your skin up. It is great to use in the morning and it really opens up your sinuses.”

Julie, grad student

Julie raves about Purpose moisturizer. She says it is great because it has an SPF of 15, it’s not greasy and the dermotologist recommends it. It was also recommended by InStyle as one of the Best Beauty Buys in 2007.

I actually laughed when Julie sent this in, because I used Purpose for years during high school and college (also based on the recommendation of my dermatologist) when I had very sensitive skin.  It’s good to know they still make the dermatologists “preferred list” after 20+ years (I won’t tell you how many ++’s).   I can attest to how great the products are. They have a facial cleanser and a toner, as well, which were a part of my routine back then.

Adonia, Mom of two, McKenna (3) and Addison (6 months)

Adonia, my friend of few (written) words (she’ll kill me for that later!), sent me her advice in a bulleted list.  Looking at what I first considered a long list of products gave me the jitters equivalent to that Arbonne skin care kit I opened once.  But I can’t argue with the results.  Her skin is beautiful, healthy, and glowing.  And, when you break it down to what she’s doing daily vs. weekly or even less frequently, it’s not too bad.  Here’s her routine:

Daily –

  • Cetaphil facial cleanser.   Consumersearch.comsays this is one of their reviewers favorite cleansers:  “Cetaphil’s regular Daily Cleanser (*est. $10 for 16 ounces) is also good for all skin types and is strong enough to remove makeup without scrubbing.”
  • Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer. It received an average of 8 (on scale of 1-10) from 24 reviews on – but in fact most of the reviews were 10’s, but a few very low reviews that all mentioned break-outs brought the overall score down.  My take:  if you’re prone to breakouts, don’t try this.  Otherwise, probably a good bet.
  • Arbonne NutriMin C Recover night creme. Reviews on this product and system recommend it for sensitive skin saying that it is excellent at removing skin irritations and redness all while you sleep!
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Weekly –

  • MD Formulations face and body scrub.  This cleanser is ideal for dry or flaky skin that needs to be gently exfoliated. Reviews on a variety of websites conclude that this product is perfect for all skin types. Our evaluation that those with problem skin that tends to flake or peel would need to use it more than Adonia’s suggestion of once per week.

Every Other Week –

  • Revision Skincare pore refining pumpkin mask. This great smelling mask actually has a warming sensation when you use it. reviews say this is a product many women cannot live without. Pores are noticeably smaller and skin is considerably smoother after using this product.

As Needed –

  • Clearasil tinted cream for those trouble spots. The review we found on TotalBeauty.comconfirmed some of our teenaged fears: this tinted spot treatment can flake and draw more attention to blemishes. It is great at clearing up zits, but wear it at night or at home because it can dry out and cake, causing an unsightly mark.

Quarterly –

  • Try to get a facial 3-4 times a year.  Not only will it give you a much-needed stress break, it really can help keep your skin looking great.

Kathy, Mom of three, Paul (10), Reece (8) and Jack (6)

“As with any mother whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mother,  your time is scarce.  It seems on some days finding time to go to the bathroom alone can be a challenge, and finding time to treat yourself to some pampering and beauty time is almost non-existent. I still want to look my best, but not go crazy or broke trying to fit it all in.  After trying everything and anything, I finally found something that I can actually see the results on and manage it on my time:  Clinical Care Skin Products.   My top four would be Green Stuff (face wash), Tune Up 10 (10% glycolic acid), SunShieldSPF 30 (sunscreen & moisturizer), and – the ultimate – Masquerade, which is what I call a ‘facial in a jar’.

Masquerade is a product that equates to me as a self facial.  I can do it while I fold clothes and pick-up toys.  I know when I am tired and overworked I can give myself a mommy pick-me-up with Masquerade.  It is my facial in a jar and I can see the affects.  It is one of those products that will make your Mom notice you have done something great to your skin!  Everyone else will just think you look great.”

Kathy also recommends the (Zit)Kit which includes Facial Scissors (for your eyebrows), Slant Tweezers, Needle Nose Tweezers, Comedome Extractor (otherwise called the pimple stick at my house) and a bonus gift of the Destroy Zit and an instructional DVD. This kit retails for $79.95, but Kathy loves it so much, she actually called the company to secure us a Moms Out Loud special discount of just $29.95! If you are interested in purchasing the (Zit)Kit for this incredible price, contact Kathy ASAP as these will NOT last long!

Clinical Skin Care Products are available through boutique skin care retailers and spas.  The company is based in Tulsa, OK and their products are widely sold in Oklahoma, but are just growing their business in Texas.  In DFW, they are available through Alison Covington in Irving.


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