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The Bar Method

It's been awhile since I worked out. I was so uncomfortable during the last half of my pregnancy and tired from chasing my toddler around. Now that my son is four months old, I'm not uncomfortable, I'm not pregnant, and it's probably time to stop referring to him as a "newborn"...somehow that term seems to make it a little easier to make excuses to push stuff off...stuff like working out.

My go-to workout choice is The Bar Method. I took my first class six years ago, and I was hooked. I can attest to the fact that nothing will get your booty ready for those Lululemon pants I love quite like these classes. And trust me, these classes are filled with a sea of Lululemon pants, tank tops and headbands.

The "Bar Method Body" as they refer to it, features "sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat and elongated thighs." I can tell you from going to class that my arms burn, my abs are peeved, my booty is crying and my thighs are on fire. As far as I'm concerned, that's great news, and it means it's working.

Celebrity fans include Tori Spelling, Denise Richards, Josie Bissett, Dita Von Teese, Ricki Lake, Jacqueline Laurita, Lisa Rinna, Drew Barrymore and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to name a few.

With 62 studios across the country, there may just be one near you. DVDs are available for those who live in areas yet to be invaded by this incredible workout.

The Bar Method has not paid me, rewarded me, or done anything to encourage me to write this post. All the love I feel for this workout and have expressed in this posting is my own.

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Tuck your seat and take a spot at that bar. Your body will thank you. And if your thighs start shaking harder than a pair of maracas, don't worry, that means you're doing it right.

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