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The Baby BunBun

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I'm a first-time mom in her late 30s who is trying to figure it all out and do the best that she can. I blog about the challenges of finding balance in life, relationships, work, fitness, health, connection and exploring the fun, food, flora and fauna that Seattle has to offer.

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Bonus Baby

Last night I did what I ordinarily do around eleven o’clock. I shut down my laptop computer and put it away, then closed the book I was reading and set it on the lamp stand next to the sofa. I brought my water glass and my wine glass into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. While my husband went outside to smoke his last cigarette for the evening, I climbed the stairs and readied myself for bed.

The New Bed

It's bedtime, and Emi's asking for a drink before she goes to sleep. But tonight her usual request is accompanied by a more ominous directive. "Mommy," she says, her face solemn, "when you come back, we have to talk."