The Art of Storytelling - Story @ Home Conference


I've been thinking about the art of storytelling a bit lately. Technology has changed the way we tell our stories.

I leave status updates on Facebook, I tweet at random, I upload pictures to Instagram, I write blog posts. My stories are scattered everywhere online. Yet, I probably write in my journal less and I haven't printed pictures in ages (on my to do list).

I was at CES a couple of weeks ago and talking with a guy from Fuji Film. And he told me that the tactile experience associated with holding a photograph improves our memory of the actual moment. So children who have lots of photographs of themselves at a younger age, have better recall of those events. I've been looking for a link with the data, but I can't find it. However I think I would totally agree. And I'd add, I think I need a little more old school in my life. Smelly markers and sparkly journal I'm on my way!

The reason I've been thinking about all of this is because I was asked to speak about sharing stories at a blogger/family history conference called Story @ Home. The theme of the conference is obviously storytelling. They'll be discussing blogging, social media and family history.

the art of storytelling conference

Event Details:

Full Conference Admission: $79

March 9-10, SLC

Agenda: Writing workshops, breakout sessions, keynotes, inspiration



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